Claimed only once? WHY?!

Okay, so I started doing the challenges, and saw the rewards. I claimed a free one, and then I had to restart my game because… “Save file corrupted”, because a mod was no longer supported, and thus, it screwed everything up.

So, I had to start all over again, remake the character again, etc. Illusory eyepatch. I had already claimed it, but sadly, I wanted to get it back but couldn’t. So, this is a problem that needs fixing… Why not just tie the reward to the player account, and treat it like a skin like they do in Ark? You get an achievement, meet the requirement, then BOOM, even if you lose the character, or have to restart from scratch, the item is right in your inventory every time you spawn in. Even make the free items re-obtainable!

Look, I know the eyepatch may not be the most banger of items to get, but I did earn it, I should not be stuck with losing it just because I had to restart my game over a broken mod that kiboshed the entire save…


If it were a unique illusion you could only get from the battle pass or achievements like in Ark, then sure. But since it’s an illusion of an existing item, they probably just don’t want to undermine that small part of the gameplay.

Cosmetic item, it should be claimable any number of times, or at the least made craftable account wide. Even if it’s like a skin for a helmet, or a skin that hides a piece of armor like hiding the chest. make it craftable for a cheap cost like 5 plant fiber.

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I think you are missing the point of the free items.

  1. They are obtainable by all players even without BP.
  2. A sampke of what some of thw sorcery stuff is, so you know if its woeth investing opening tje recipes.

They are not a reward, but a “teaser” more or less.


A cosmetic you can easily get in the game by killing pirates or crafting at the armorer’s bench for 4 silk. Like I said, if it were something only available through battle pass or achievements, then yes, it shouldn’t be limited to a one time only claim. But since it’s more of a free sample of the sorcery system, like @biggcane55 mentioned, having it claimable multiple times for free would just undermine the existing system, even if only slightly.


So all of those “free” items I have acquired with my previous character can be crafted by my new character? I guess at the thaumaturgy bench. OK, makes sense. So once you have sorcery, the free items are worthless, strange. Do any of you Sorcerers even bother claiming them?

You see I play and play again. New save, wipes old… But I only have one account. So when I noticed this, it smacked of Diablo Immortal, e.g. That skin you just purchased for $10,000 can only be used by the one character for which it was purchased.

The “illusory” items are just copies of the illusion system. If you want another eye patch illusion, you just find or craft a regular eye patch, go the sorcerer bench and apply the illusion.

The potions are copies of the sorcerer spells. They have a gameplay advantage in that they dramatically cut down the casting time and don’t require reagent pouches, so handing out those with no limits would basically destroy the sorcery system. But the spells are all available using the arcane staff as you advance through the book upgrade process at the bench. The potions are intended to give you a taste of sorcery and encourage you to use the new sorcery feature.

The wall and floor paints, mount skin, saddle, and placeable items are all tied to your account and should be available for crafting at their respective benches across all your characters.

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aside from people defending it from being a cosmetic, it’s honestly a waste of space in the battle pass, same with those potions. In a game like Conan exiles it should be given to every new character you make, after you have already obtained it the first time or don’t add such silly items at all. Add actual armors pieces or weapons you learn to craft or reduce the battle pass levels if needed.

Get ready for clans having people make characters over and over and over and over so they can stockpile thousands of lightning storms in bottles. :roll_eyes:

Which is why I said, they shouldn’t have added items like these at all. And if they must then only allow an account to claim the item once per server.

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