Not a fan of the "Claim Once" items


I am not really loving the items that can only be Claimed Once per Account. Seems a waste as I have a Siptha playthrough, A Server, And an Exiled Lands Playthrough.
The items like the Eyepatch and Daggers are claimed on my Exiled Lands playthrough and that is that.

I would love ALL of the “Claim Once” items be changed to “Claim Once - Per Character”.

As a Battlepass item, I think that is the only ethical option as most will either put in a TON of work or pay real cash for these items.


Agreed. I restart my playthroughs very often. So, these “claim once” items are just a waste of any tangible gains because when I restart in a few weeks, I won’t be able to have those items anymore. Or if I start up a playthrough on Siptah, while having a playthrough on the Exiled Lands, again, its not obtainable for that character.


I don’t think it was done to be anti fun. It seems that it was done to reduce the need to grind on every account. Also, not every player plays on more than one account.

Many people play on at least Exiled Land and Siptah though… so having access across all servers would be convenient. As someone else mentioned, it would be nice to use it on two different characters at least, so you can play both servers. Transfers weren’t available upon Siptah’s release, so many have two characters and two servers.


And still aren’t, but yeah let’s not open that whole thing :rofl:

While this rates fairly low to me compared to other issues, I’d agree that any earned illusions ought to be of a more permanent nature, at least if you bought the battlepass. So a free taste if you didn’t buy in, and a more permanent option if you did.


I would like to see totally different rewards. More Tile sets, Decor, Emotes… etc. Stuff the player can actually see and use. Rewards with substance.
That of course is just my opinion.


Me neither.

Although they seem to be useless filler if anything.

I unlocked the draught of the dead, and tried to use it during a purge. 3 out of 5 times it didnt even spawn anything.

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The pass is trash as it is now.

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I’m hoping the “one-time unlock” items are just as they’re meant to be - introductions to the new Sorcery features. Once the season advances and sorcery stops being a novelty, future Passes hopefully replace these with something more tangible.

I get that they’re free items, but they’re still a bit disappointing.


Claimed some in single player not realising they were 1 time things. can’t get them on actual officials now. gg.

dunno why they’re one time claims


Just useless filler so that they don’t give you anything worthwhile, that’s it.

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To me the Free Items being a one time claim is just a stupid idea that it seems many games make when doing micro transactions like this. You would think that you could at least claim those without a battlepass as a tease to encourage people to buy a pass but no instead they seem greedy in the long run and there is no point in one time/one character claim like they have it now. I bought the pass before i checked the FunCom definition of Free Item being one character ONLY. At least SWTOR allows you the option to unlock things per account/server. As it stands we can only hope that the devs will wake up and see this has pissed a decent portion of their fanbase off even though they are not voicing their dislike for this here in the forums they are in other media like Youtube and tiktok to name a couple that I have seen though it has been in passing.

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well so far the one-time items are simply something that allow casting of sorcery spells (5 times per unlock) without corruption or components or unlocking said spells.

In other words: if you are already a sorcerer those things are largely worthless.
And since sorcery is part of the free update and available to all, youre not missing out.

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Yep…seems to be place holders for content that they didn’t get done in time. I mean it’s not like they aren’t available else where, either. Although I do appreciate the set helm…I don’t have Riddle of Steel.

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you know they will just reset servers so you will eventually lose that


Didn’t see anyone mention the fact that this is just in-game stuff you can craft yourself to get the illusion. That’s literally all they are, freebies to use the illusion system. Same as all the other one-time freebies. The potions are just sorcery.

So doesn’t really mean anything at all that you get them once, when you can just get them by other means.

They will just replace these with stuff related to whatever the Age is at the time.

Potions: Because carrying around sorcery like that is probably not really a good thing. Especially if you can just roll a new character and transfer them into a chest for anyone else…creating an unlimited supply.

Illusion Items: You can obtain these already, so they are no big deal.

The helmet and daggers are the exact same.

It’s just filler to make it look like there’s more in the pass than there actually is. The battle pass is mostly junk with a few decent items and building pieces.


But you gotta consider.

You pay $10 once, and then the Crom Coins earned pays for the next Pass, then the next pass.

So other ways to look at it:

You pay $10 and get all the permanent Pass items + 1200 coins to spend on the Bazaar for a bit more.
You pay $10 and get all Battle Pass stuff from now and for every subsequent Battle Pass.

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Yeah, this. The BP is only worth it for that reason, really.

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Perhaps, but unless each new Age adds a major new feature into the game, there are only so many opportunities to add one-use items for “hey, try out his new feature”.

Maybe each new Age does add a new feature, but I doubt each Season of an Age does, and each Season has its own Battle Pass. So we’ll see in ~79 more days whether the next Pass will have one-use filler, too. Maybe even the same bottled spells for people who joined mid-season? That would be lazy.

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