Clan access options


I understand this is a survival game. But you have trolls inviting other players to clans just to kick them to take their stuff. And its not like here’s a clan invite. On PS4 they spam the invite so you click it fast and then kick you a minute later. I have played plenty of games when you join a guild you earn more access by moving ranks. It should not be all or nothing. We should be able to go back to the shelter we grinded to build. But I’m sure there’s plenty of people complaining or saying its the players fault for not knowing.

Also since its all or nothing other are complaining because the players have access to everything. Again if you changed the clan system to your building is your building and you have to earn access to more of the clans items it would work. Look at ESO they are a good example they even have homes that you purchase that you give people access to use or visit. You have to move ranks to access more stuff in the guild too. But I think a lot of games are set up this way too. I’m sure this message will never be read because you would have restructure your game and I’m just another person crying about my stuff lost. Yup its just a game.


Many have been wanting, and waiting for, clan access options to things such as doors, containers, etc. since the beginning of Early Access. I would personally love the implementation of this, and I know every other single person on my Steam list that has the game would as well.
Regarding the thieving of property via clan invite/kick: I’m not sure what to say about that other than, “spread the word far and wide”; it definitely needs a change. Many games have done it differently, and better (imo), for years and years now. Love the game overall, but that particular point is quite the sore spot; needlessly so.