Clan alliance accepted?

right now at official 1111 two clans, nordbears and get out clans are trying to raid us together… so if clan alliance is normal why do you make raid cap 10 people?

hmmm i can tell you, but…

Hey, you are that man who claim spam 1000500 sq meters, so you will be remove from server

What? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say at all.

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Np dude. No need your understanding. We just need admins here.

i hope that YOU will be banned

sure, claim-spam is legal, and you use it in ‘can\t stop’ mode

he says, its not forbidden to build pillars around your house, its used for protection from a trebuchet or even hatch glitch…
Reddrick is sad because they (nordbears) and the alliance clan (get out) can not put a foundation near our house to use Hatch Glitch :slight_smile:
to avoid that, we are trying to build pillars everywhere around our house while we are being attacked by 2 clans… so which is a real cheat? :slight_smile:

crafting a pillar and placing it is legal :slight_smile: try playing without glitches…

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