Clan Blocked Most Obelisks on Official 3650

Clan Blocked Mostly obelisk on Server Official 3650, new players can’t tune their bracelet or use the obelisk

Guess it’s time to farm some explosives or build a trebuchet to knock a hole it the wall if you on a PvP server. If you on a PvE server hopefully they come up with a solution soon.

Yes simular problem on most cervers, hope coming purges will do somthing about that!

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They build T3 buildings :slight_smile: purge will just scratch that in S. if you build something near a corrupted area shod decay in 12h, and this will solve the problems :smiley:

Yes i ment a stage 2 purge that handel that kinde of abuse. Its not in game yet!

i play this game for 6 months on official pvp server. Never see a purge in my life (only in event logs)

Yes ofcorse you have not done it, sins we are only geting stage 1 purges so far, and untill they dont work perfect its no ruch to ad stage 2!

Having 20 sabretooths chews right through the purge. Just stay elevated with posion orbs or arrows to help the slaughter

Gonna try to counter that idea:
One time only possess:
Object which enhances the decay of a building. All other buildings are at max 24 hours.
Make wheels pickupable in exchange.

Also a hard limit on foundations+fencefoundatiouns+pillars per owner.

But yeah, no limitiation gameplay is moooost fun there is.
tries to reproduce a negative buzzer

(Actually being forced to decide on a certain way of fighting as the main fighting style…
One reason why i.e. diablo 2 was way more fun (to me and some/lots of? others) than 3…)

I hate how “everyone” wants a game to be like instantnoodles.
Instant max level…
_____ Instant BiS gear…
___________ Instant huge base.

But then again, I dont understand how people like to buy their lvl ??? tokens to avoid having to level a class which they didnt yet play already during that expansion…
Or why everyone is supposed to be enabled to do every content (and vice versa how every player is “supposed” do like each content) too…

(Apperently tripleX is considered to violate…? That doesnt always mean that stuff… :smiling_imp: )

Yes exactly how it workes to day in STAGE 1 purges. BUT WE DONT TALK ABOUT STAGE 1, WE TALK ABOUT STAGE 2!!!

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