Clan Logo Design - In Game System

Has there been any discussion from the developers that they will be incorporating an in-game system for clans to design their own logos for banners and other items?

The only thing I can think of that would deter them from doing so is a high probability of abuse with people designing racist or possibly trademarked logos. I’m not sure what laws developers would have to comply with to implement such a system.

I feel like I remember it coming up at some point (maybe on the last Q&A stream before this recent one? Don’t quote me on that though), but if so it clearly wasn’t seen as a terribly high priority thing. If you’re on PC Pippi has a “Flaggi” item where you can put an image on a blank flag, but it doesn’t have any sort of template or guidelines for the image dimensions so I’ve never tried to do anything with it.

The second they let us make custom clan stuff I’m making a Rat Queens logo and NOBODY CAN STOP ME.



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