Clan of 7 got completely overrun-convergence trap

I believe this is a balance issue. My clan of 7, on our own server with default settings, tested the convergence trap to take on some demons in the maelstrom. We are all level 60 with start metal weapons/armor. Upon activation it was destroyed in the matter of seconds and did not defend itself once. Is there a minimum limit of defenders the maelstrom has to have to make this worth even trying? If there is I feel it needs to be balanced for smaller clan size if users like us ever have a chance to play out this content.

Is is supposed to defend itself? Im pretty sure it just generates resources.

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How was it destroyed?

Did a monster breeze by, or did lightning strike it?

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I’ve been told it is supposed to defend itself to a degree and the players have to defend it. One hit by an enemy and it crumbles.

A creature got through our “defenses” and hit it. What I am saying is that the amount of spawns that were generated(spawning through the lightening bolts) made our clan handsomely outnumbered. We did not have a chance to defend it.

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Yeah the Maelstorm mechanics needs major balancing passes. That and the thralling mechanic. Are great ideas, but are not balanced even close to something for multiplayer servers.

But i will be patient, as it is early access, and every opinion needs to be expressed so the devs can get the balance right.


You were told wrong. There is no self-defrnse mechanism. You need to defend it entirely.

That being said, having seven people with you didn’t do you any favors as that flips the difficulty up to Legendary. Maelstrom spawns get exponentially harder the more people are in an area. Seven people at once and you’re looking at World War Z.


Thanks for letting me know! What is a manageable number of players to try this mechanic out!?

There are the shutters and gates, but those are separate from the trap and require eldarium to be repaired. Not sure what they even do, to be honest.

The shutters are supposed to help you defend the layshrine from ranged attacks on your surge.

Basically both the shutters and the gates are pvp defence mechanisms.

So much you could do to protect it. Walls, Thralls, Traps, Palisades, ect ect. With seven people things are just gonna get messy fast, try it with 2 or three people at most… until you are comfortable with the mechanics.

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Also eat Sigils from dungeons, it increases your damage to the Maestrom creatures.

Convergence trap defense is a great way to farm unstable and farm resources at the same time, but it is not for the faint of heart. And the more people. And the most defense you build around them, the bigger the creatures get.

Thank you all for the responses! I will give these a try!

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