Clan Territories

Trying to think of a way that might help smaller clans/single/new players survivability when dealing with larger, established clans. And still keep it fun for those larger clans.

claiming territories.
How this works, is when the clan leader builds in an area, a certain range around that structure becomes that clan’s “territory”. Clan members building WITHIN that area causes the territory to expand.
Perks to building within the clan’s territory - closer to the main structure, the stronger the buildings become. Lending each other reinforcement.
Farther away - the weaker a building is.
This will prevent buildings being scattered for the sole purpose of establishing territory.

Building OUTSIDE of the clan’s territory imposes a decay penalty. Structures decay more quickly.

Territories may overlap.

Additional spawn point - A new spawn point, set by the player, somewhere within their territory. The only way this spawn point is removed, is if the territory is lost. A single raid will NOT remove it, only time and dedication to war upon the rival clan will. This gives a player the option to rebuild after a raid.

Decay of territory - a territory will not be completely destroyed once all buildings within it are destroyed. Instead, a decay timer begins, in which the defending clan may/must rebuild in order to maintain ownership of the territory. Territory shrinks as the decay timer ticks down. Weaker holds diminish first.

Territory boundaries - based on the “strength” of the clan. Closer to the center of the territory, the stronger the hold is. Farther away the weaker it is. Perhaps a tiered system for this aspect, based on number/size of structures built within the territory.

Territory markers - new items to mark the clan’s territory, along roads, etc.

Patrolling thralls - preset paths, based on the region, that thralls may take when placed near/on them, and commanded to do so. Coming to the end of the territory will make the thrall stop and turn back, patrolling in a line, back and forth.

Clan Identification - Tabards, special armor, arm bands, etc, to mark a person a member of their clan. Identification items may be stolen to deceive thralls.

Neutral/Hostile/Friendly settings - Thralls, and perhaps zones, like roads, may have different settings to interact with different players/creatures. Unidentified players, and those displaying rival clans will be met with hositility. Displaying friendly or neutral/unknown will be allowed to pass. Attacking a defending thrall will make said player, and others bearing the same identification marked as hostile for the clan npcs, for a set time, and a recorded alert sent to the clan leader. Clan leader (and officers?) may then opt to set that clan as hostile, neutral, etc.

Flaws with this concept:
Possibility of losing builds prior to joining the clan, if they are outside of the territory.
Stolen identification being used to incite war between clans (could be a fun thing, though, too)

While your ideas are interesting, they won’t work for how Conan is played. Because rescources are spread all over the map, people have farming bases all over. Your idea would force a lot of time spent running around.

So, -1

Hrm, this is true.

I originally mentioned only clans, but this would work for people that don’t have clans as well.

Maybe outposts would establish small/weak territory zones, then.

And… maybe a bonus to harvesting while within one’s own territory. The stronger/higher teir the territory, the greater the buffs.

the decay increase to structures built outside of one’s territory only lasts until territory is established, maybe. Building more increases the strength/hold on the territory.

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