Clarification on "Fixed collision to prevent building base at Deserter’s Gutter tubes"

Just wanted clarification on patch notes pertaining to

Fixed collision to prevent building base at Deserter’s Gutter tubes

I have a base around this location and want to know if I should gut it and move everything. I’m unsure what “tubes” refers to. I have built inside deserters gutter because it was hollow, is this the “tube” reference or is it something else?


There are two “canisters” in Deserter’s Gutter that you could previously climb up into. They had an interior mesh with a leveled dirt ground and were of a reasonable enough size to put a decent base in.

Had a base in the gutter myself up until recently as we were using those canisters (which they refer to as tubes) as vault and personal house space. With the update, they sealed both those areas off and made them non-traversible. Can’t even re-spawn to any bed or bedroll placed inside them when me and a friend tried.

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