Glich Bases will u fix it?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Onine / Singleplayer
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] Bug/Glich
Region: [Here] EU

We want to Raid a group of Griefer on the Server 1101 EU and we found out that they Build inside the Tube in the Deserter’s Gutter.
It seems that this should not be so, i go into Singleplayer to check it out how they get in and i found a small gap to climb in.
Will you fix this Problem or will it persist that you can not reach it?

cant get Images or Links into the Topic to display the glich Base

We also have a clan on our server built in the Deserter’s Gutter… not only is it god proof and extremely difficult to raid due to the tiny entrances and extremely thick POI walls, but they can climb up into that tiny little crack in the tube, and after much shimmying back and forth/jumping etc, pop out the other side into a non-raidable container roughly vault sized. To test this theory, I went into single player. Successfully crawled into the tiny crack with a bit of effort… .And built a vault inside the tube. This would be realistically unraidable. And larger characters would have no chance at all.

Gutter tubes are now blocked on test live. Should be patched to live this week. Anything left in there after the patch will be stuck in there.

Its not ungoddable. There is a YT video testing the different avatars on this base, and a couple of the gods break everything inside, including the tube.

u have link?