Deserts gutter is just unraidable

The deserts gutter just needs to some fixing it takes close to 0 effort to maintain once your inside you just throw up an altar or 3 and make it into a ceiling base its litteraly an unraidable spot like how is this fair to anyone you cant trebuchet it,you cant god it due to altars you quite litteraly have sit there and accept defeat sure you can try to wait it out untill they get bored or give up but realistically no ones going to do that it shouldnt be a buildable area its just so unfair iv been in this server for ages yet i cant raid this base when its A pvp server instead all im greeted with is a bunch of laughing emojis like surely i cant be the only one who sees this as unreal

If recent… feedback… is any guide, just lightning bolt it :person_shrugging:


Dont get me wrong lightning is an option but its not a good option as its not always accurate plus i ground out 30 pouches day 1 then another 30 day 2 i even had a raid base setup wit 3 trebuchets i have a clan of 7 active this just isnt consistent and it shouldnt have to be an alternative i can deal with the fact that im playing against people from a different region and there laggy but when you have a spot that cant be raided there shouldnt be alternatives in the first place its just like how they nerfed thralls in the 1st place they shouldnt be the center focous so they nerfed them same goes for bases you shouldn’t have a base that is nearly impossible to raid unless its just hard base but in this case all youd need is to throw down a couple of foundations and a t3 altar and your set it just doesnt seem fair gameplay besides this i quite evjoy the game as iv been playing it since b4 jungle biom was released


Lightning is now our salvation, there’s a clan that has this base
here on the server, it’s really this base wasn’t made for PvP,
because there’s no way to attack from any side.

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Raided it many times. Bomb from the top on the outter sections, plug up the holes with dead body’s so they can’t rebuild. Main issue is bombs are either bugged or they’ve been nerfed on purpose.

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Yes and i get that it would be a solution but my point isnt that its a difficult base to raid its that its not fair to anyone else on the server that actually has to defend there base and also bombing the sides only gets you inside but in my case they have a ceiling base on inside along with 20 fully gear thralls with gas masks on so jumping in or sniping would take forever it just shouldn’t be a buildable are just like how they patched those old pillar bases pple used to glitch inside of

Just because it’s difficult to raid doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be buildable


There are two small ledges you can expose that will do damage to hanging bases in that location. You can only get 2-3 bombs on each. Just need a good bomber and some good pvpers to protect. It isn’t easy, but it is a bit easier than the aquaduct if it is built correctly.

As stated before im aware of these peaks and blindspots n such its just the fact that its not a fair experience for anyone else as we have been playing since before jungle biom and we have actually had to have skill to defend our base from threats its just annoying that a group of people come in and just hide in there with little to no effort i cant be the only one who thinks that spot needs a nerf

I dont mind it being a spot thats buildable just need a nerf like a dmg multiplier or make it more accessible something it takes 0 effort n thought for a base like this

By that logic, experienced players should get a damage nerf when attacking new players or low level players, and take more damage when attacked.

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I dont know where you get that logic from how does dmg multipliers or opening up more accessible windows give you the logic that experienced players need a nerf ? I didnt say give dmg multipliers to all bases just cave bases and that should count as a cave base and tbh that was just a suggestion i think it would be a better route to just make deserts gutter opened up more so its a bit easier to acesss

I recon ur nick was not always that, or u created the account just to whine for this…

Why dont u post from ur original account?

Cute but if you checked my profile i did recently make this account but i have other posts too but nice assumptions not much but thats because nothing else comes to mind and call it whining if you want but i didnt know posting feedback in a feedback forum was considered whining

Fence stacking was patched , drawbridge nerfed, thralls cut in half, land claim bannable, a overpowered spell that destroyes bases. List goes on and on how many more nerfs do you want to pvp? Sorry but never have I heard the gutter being to overpowered. You just need to try a little harder.


U posted a thread titled nerf deserters gutter with an account named nerf deserters gutter…

I guess the assumption is automated… Now go post with ur original account

And we r speaking of an account created 1d ago…

You dont want people to build in there without a damage multiplier on the damage, because its easy for experienced players to build, and extremely hard for new players to raid.

So do we extend that to pvp as well? Experienced players get penalized while pvping new players? No, so there is no need to adjust raiding for that purpose either.

I didnt know just because i wanted to start giving feedback recently and just put what came to mind 1st meant that i had to make an account that pleases you specifically sorry buttercup ill change it if you like to DontLikeDontReadIt if it upsets you and your still making the assumption off of a 1day old account sorry i dont chose to blow up 40 different feedback threads just right off the top of my head so ya anything else you would like to add or is my BRAND NEW account still not worthy of posting my own feedback?

We both have different opinions i guess thats i just dont like has theres basically only one way to raid it aka forcing your way through a layerd building with explosives it completely kills the idea of even being able to use trebuchets or gods to me i think thats just a bit tedious i know lightning is an alternative for now but im sure that spell will recieve a nerf soon with how much people are talking about it so still i just dont see why people would be ok with it i mean its not a huge thing iv already took care of the pple that were built there just seems to it takes a lot of options out of raiding because you litteraly have to force your way in

come on m8! if u was 1 day player u would not even know what deserters gutter is

u not fooling anyone