Deserts gutter is just unraidable

Is it ReaperOfChess alt?


That, is every single raid.

We will have to disagree I guess. There will always be some spot, some OP build, somewhere that will be insanely hard to raid. The answer isnt to change game mechanics to make it easier to raid, like a damage modifier for caves (like Ark does). Adding more raiding options maybe.

1 day feedback account not 1 day conan player

You can raid it without lightning even if its bubbled.

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This is why i reccomend to post with ur original one!!!

I see you just cant accept the fact that this is my original account

Yeah sure, whatever u say

yes you can sit above the gutter and essentially mesh raid it through the building, you wont get loot but which ever toxic tribe the gutter attracts will be raided and gone. for just the low low price of a couple skulls

why does the clan in gutter need to be toxic?

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So the one living in the gutter is more toxic than the one mesh raiding it?

honestly in my experience most the gutter livers have just been no rule as to why have you met a nice gutter clan?

Oh no thats toxic as well just a big ball of toxicity going on there lol

You can always not raid the base. :laughing:
Why make it an obsession? If you can’t pull it off, tough luck. Otherwise it’s a slippery slope, if FUNCOM starts nerfing one good building spot after another.

Remember to check the date before replying.

Now here’s a question, how did you even see the thread to begin with?

:laughing: what a necro. It was dead and buried long ago.

I don’t know… it popped on the feed? I certainly did not search for it.

Edit: probably it showed up in the suggested topics and I didn’t even notice. Sometimes these can be quite old. My bad.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up. :+1:

How’s everything, @Taemien ?
Excited about the coming age?