Clarification on Rules

WOW, First let me say thank you to all who replied to this post. As a returning player to the game I am hearing stories about people being banned and not really understanding why. As a player who likes to build complex hard to raid structures this obviously had me concerned. So I started this post to get some clarity. While I have learned a great deal from these reply’s I cannot say I have gotten any clarity. From reading everyones posts I am coming to the conclusion that there are no rules. Just opinions as to what is acceptable and what is not. This is very concerning because what one player or Funcom employee might think is fine another person might think is to big or to laggy or unneeded. I cannot be the only person to have this concern.


I agree with this 100 percent. But if something comes up I would suggest they be direct and say do this dont do that till we fix it.

If laws were as ideal as that, we wouldn’t need lawyers.

No regulation or law can cover everything and if it did, it would be a boring existence. The human mind and it’s propensity to find ways to skirt obstacles simply cannot be contained in a box of ironclad rules. It has to be given a direction of a proper path. Reward those that follow the path and punish those that deviate too far…how far? Depends on the situation, the amount of people doing it, their own intent, etc etc etc. This is how you manage high functioning groups and this is how you get desired results from them. Children need boundaries. Adults need direction.

As someone who studied law I find this statement absurd. Lawyers dont decide what laws are ideal, they simply try to convince a jury that a person did or didnt break said law. They don’t argue what should and shouldn’t be law. Thats what our elected officials do. Anyway I am way off topic now.

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the main problem here is that you must be a pve player.
On pvp servers there’s no such thing like friendship.
People fight against each other… and to lose your loot and base is to lose time of your life… time that you spent farming, building and etc…
Funcom created a new weapon called report. people are getting banned even without anything apparently against the rules.
PvP is competitive and people will exploit every weapon they have. in the past was bugs and exploits, now is the report.

If you were aiming for guidelines that will ensure they don’t get banned, then you actually fell short. They could follow all the guidelines you gave, and still get banned for building over a spot where a T4 NPC has a chance to spawn, for example.

It’s hard to interpret your participation in this thread as anything other than an attempt to derail and be divisive. In case you haven’t noticed, the community is in a bad enough state without your efforts.

This, not to put too fine a point on it, is ridiculous. Have you ever read an actual law? There’s a reason why the word “legalese” exists. There’s also a reason laws have a complicated judicial apparatus built around them – courts, lawyers, judges, prosecution, defense, jury, and stuff like that – instead of just being enforced by a handful of cops or bureaucrats.

You want laws in Conan Exiles? Then you’ll need lawyers and courts. There’s no game going to such absurd extremes.

This is even more preposterous. When you find a way to write the code that can deal with griefers, I hope you’ll remember us mortals and share some of your wealth and fame, because you’ll be the genius who finally developed an AGI.

Your conclusion is wrong. The rules are right here:

What you lack is the answer to the question “how big can I build”, which you’ve been told is the wrong question to ask.

This is disingenuous. You can’t have possibly missed the fact that people are concerned about how the rules are applied.

It’s not absurd. If the laws were as clear as @Outcast3rd was asking for, we wouldn’t need to convince a jury of anything. We wouldn’t even need a jury. You wouldn’t need to study the law for years.

It would all be nice and clear, wouldn’t it? Just show the evidence to anyone wanted to know and they would all go “oh yeah, you’re right, guilty”.


Easiest way is to put a condition that determine how many pieces you build. Another approach will might add to lag is the foundation your placing has to be a certain distance from bed or bedroll.

When I stated laws I was thinking more bylaws but I read those perfectly fine and lawyers agreed I read it correctly so if people have questions the support can give them location and clarification on it. This is better than ignoring us on tickets…

Yes i think, but its my personal interpretation of what was dicussed previosly. It will certainly reduce the risks. As stelagel wisely says, if your building not interfering negativelly on others gameplay and not causing any issue, and not getting hated by the community (usefull for real life too), i think it will be ok. My personal advice is: build in place far away from any point of interest, do not block acess or paths to any place, make all your building usefull, do not ghost link buildings (if one got wiped all linked stuff will fall), if you are in a pve or pve-c server you dont need to build walls around your area, try to cause less impact as possible preserving resources and spawns of animals and npcs. Personally i think that theres is no need for more than one base, travel by maps and horseback, and with portals coming to 3.0 maybe traveling will be more easy.

I just want to point out that you have been present and participating on the countless threads where this was discussed and explained repeatedly why it wouldn’t help. At this point, there’s no use discussing these things with you if you’re going to behave like this:

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what this sentence means. Can you try to explain?

Okay, two things:

  • Why did you need the lawyers to check whether you read it correctly? Think about it.
  • Yes, Funcom should give much, much better feedback on individual cases when asked. That has nothing to do with the idea of restating the rules as laws.

True. The way they handle requests for information on bans is one of the most urgent problems with their system right now.


@Kholdenn does this statement reminds you anything about pvp?
Since when villages belong to official pvp servers? Or you choose what to read and care not for the rest? My dear @Kholdenn yesterday I was really upset and I apologize either to @Pilferer either to @Boobie , I just hate to be framed and I get upset, I am sorry.
I would love to inform you that my BEST friends in this game, people I still talk, people I know their families and know mine too, for them I even started a messenger account (I don’t like social media), came from pvp of this game. So YES pvp can be friendly, even friendlier from pve, because people in this game can be one for another, people in this game provide their true nature and even if I was never a pvp fun, pvp has given me more than I could imagine.
I hope you’ll have the same fate with me on this one, cheers :+1:t6:.

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Still pretty confused why you were mad but no worries

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My apologize I was thinking and writing at the sametime. In short, they can determine the foundation being placed towards the shortest path to the bed or bedroll and to determine how far you can go out. This might cause additional lag when building because each piece will need another validation.

There were disagreement with me on how it is worded. I am part of boardmembers to validate the interpretation of the writing. We used the lawyer we had on retainer for clarification for something we had to do or not. In short, I was right.

Restating the rules to indicate or show the enduser on what rule they broke and no feedback should be required if rule is explain precise without any loopholes.

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Personally I think the sum of builds should be equal to the amount you can build. Even if it cause client side lag. Either way the lag we been seeing lately has nothing to do with builds because things just getting worse and worse.

Thanks, I understand now. I still fail to do what it’s supposed to solve though. The rules about claim are not trying to restrict either the size of your build or the footprint of your claim. They’re trying to restrict how you can affect other players.

In order to accomplish that with in-game limits, those limits would have to be set so low, that it would drive the majority of players away from the game.

That is NOT what Umborls said on that topic. He said it’s fine to have multiple spots around the map. He added that he didn’t see how a PvP player specifically, could maintain all of them easily though.

Umborls (a Funcom employee working in this very area of the game) said there is no limit. It’s more about function and purpose than size. If all that size has a functional purpose then it’s OK according to FC official employees. Of course assuming that purpose and function is not the blocking of other players, etc…

Nope! Wrong! 100% wrong!

Oh, I see the @CodeMage already answered this yesterday… Oh well…


don’t get me wrong bro.
I have the same feeling as you about making friends.
I’ve made some of the best friends in my life playing this game and they know my family and i know them too like you said.

But during wars, people tend to be toxic, destructive and competitive… and this is the moment when things get worse.
Btw i’m noting that nowadays, with all this bans happening everywhere, less friendships are happening (at least on official pvp servers).
people get more upset when his acc gets banned than from being raided or because someone was toxic on chat.

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Agreed but in my opinion the players are being driven away for either being ban or lack of understanding. Its easier to deal with a environment that is fixed and not changing then not knowing what could upset the gods.

And yet, somehow after 9 months since you got banned and several faux quitting posts since; you’re still here.

Yes, but they’re a small fraction of total playerbase, much smaller than the number those limits would drive away.

Like I said, just because they’re a small fraction, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have their problems solved. They do. But driving away the majority is not a solution.

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I find it ironic these innocent players banned from servers spam forums with redundant posts because they are angry…hmmmmmm, but they didnt spam build at all.

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