Class that is not to overly complicated?

So I picked 4 mmos I liked but never got a charter to max level even if I did enjoy the game but got side tracked with something else. So Conan is 1 of does mmo´s Im returning to. But man I need to start over I feel so lost on what to do and the damn Class I have just feels like what the hell am I doing. I picked conqurer for som reason.

Anyway becuse im planing to start over what class is decently easy to understand I mean all classes are hard to master in any mmo. But what class is easy to play until you hit max level ? I like dps classes be it mele or mage.

I can of like the idea of necromancer but I bet that´s also a hard class.

Any suggestions are welcomed. My goal is just to hit max level and move on to the next mmo on my 4 mmos I liked but never played that much. And then see what mmo I maybe will stick to after that.

The easiest one to play solo are Necro and Demo. :wink:

So easy that they may actually become boring… :sweat_smile:


If you pick one of the easy classes (like a Necromancer or Demonologist) you will miss out one of the best things in the game, the melee combo system.

I would advise you to maybe play a Barbarian. They are easy to level, you can use a spec that gives you lots of health and health regeneration as well as CCs to manage bigger pulls. Overall there is not much you can do wrong with that class, you don’t have extremely many buffs and so on, just hack and slash through your enemies with a great sword (or axe or whatever you find / like).
You might not be leveling as fast as a Demonologist but I personally think that’s a positive point, that way you will learn the class a bit more in depth and actually get to know why the game is really fun.

Rushing through games is never good if you want to get a feel for the game (as you said, you want to see which MMO you like more), because in that case you could just take whatever class you want and get powerleveled to 80 in a few days, don’t even need to sit on your computer.


Imo Necro and Demo are actually the most challenging classes to play in OS mode since you are the one who get aggro mostly which requires the most skillful movement for survival and tactical sense for cannon positioning.


I agree with Yawgoth.

I will add my 2 coppers, if you go melee, conqueror is less hassle than barbarian for me. Main reason, there are combos that you cannot use until you get a buff. That is to say you must stack hits before some combos are active. For the experienced, it’s not a big deal, but it can be frustrating.

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OS is the most boring content in this game, and you would choose a class according to that? Seriously? :laughing:


What combos are you talking of? Last time I checked, barbarians can use all their combos at any point, the only thing you can only use if you have a buff is Overpower, there you need the offhand hit buff and the reaver stance active (which you most likely will have active anyway).

On my zerker 2h barb, the two I see are Blood Fury buff and Finishing Blow. Blood fury needs 5 blood rage or higher to engage. Finishing blow needs knockback.

I am not the most competent barb out there but these always frustrate me when trying to use them without the buffs running.

For me, conqueror is easier. I may be melee challenged lol

For leveling Conqs are very easy, high Defense, high damage, many CCs, tons of HP, Fair AoE damage…

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Thanks every one for your awnsers it helps allot well I have a Conquer at level 30 but jumping back in everything felt so confusing on what skills do what and what I need to use and such. I like the idea of Necromancer just becuse I always liked the little army you can have in Diablo 2 which sadly 98&% is like here have a ■■■■■■ summon and 40 different debuff skills. I hate that they turn necro in to a debuffer.

But I also love the idea of nice melee dps class like my favoirte in FFXIV is Dragoon or Samurai or in Tera I enjoy Valkyire or in Ragnarok online I love the more fast pure DPS of Assassin cross or the decent balanced Lord knight.

I’ll say Barb. It’s so easy once you hit 80 it’s boring.


Just take any class and gradually level up by taking part in dungeons or PVP minigames.