Cleaning up my act plus a surprising twist

And there we go again. Only PVP has problems with people abusing the building system, we PVE(-C) players don’t know what we’re talking about :roll_eyes:

Seriously, when do you people get tired of that?

Don’t you understand that those gamemodes are different? We CAN blow buildings and do more abuse in this game mode, so we need more strict rules, could be diffrerent than your pve safe world, i don’t mind.

More specific how? They said that you shouldn’t block the content, you shouldn’t claim just to block others from building, and shouldn’t build to make others lag.

Oh, but they didn’t mention stacking, so it’s not specific enough for you. And they didn’t define how many building pieces you can use, so it’s not specific enough for KurTv7. And they didn’t specify whether it’s different on a full moon, so it won’t be specific enough for someone else.

More specific, is it only spamming ugly blocks considered landclaim spam, or building few towers is?

Let’s see, what is treb land claiming? Is it what we call it when you put down blocks for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to a spot where they could build a trebuchet? You know, that rings a bell, almost as if there was something in the rules about “abuse of the claim system where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to resources and building spots”, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Treb land claim is to build to prevent someone from building treb very close to base. I can accept that we should not spam single pieces of foundations just to prevent it but… What about me building one base, and 5 small defense towers around it that looks cool, preventing people from building treb there - is it legit? Right now it is and it’s not at same time. That’s the problem.

What do you personally think, it should be punished with ban or not?

Yes, I’m sure that if they don’t spell that out, people who read the part of the rules where they say you shouldn’t block content in the game will have no idea whether that’s okay or not.

Aaand again, what’s wrong with specifically mention things just like that? It’s just straightforward understandable, no question about it. One may think blocking content is for example blocking one bear spawn, which is not unique, there’s hundred bears somewhere else.

Yes, I heard Joel himself say that they’re definitely going to ban you if the number of bases you have is divisible by 7 but not by 5…

You heard what? It’s just idiotic that this is something we have to do brainstorms by ourselves if it’s legit or not and have sleepless nights wonder if i got banned :wink: Not sure are you serious with that one tho.

OK. Now I want to build a Were-Castle :smiley:

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I feel this argument is disingenuous. I think it would be a tremendous waste of time to define the rules to the level you are asking for here.

Do you really feel like you need FC to individually tell you about every single item or npc spawn? How would you prefer them to break it down, alphabetically, perhaps by independent grid co-ordnance? What level of specificity would solve your present issue?

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NO. Just read what i wrote again… They could just specify one word: UNIQUE and it would avoid many misunderstandings for example. I already gave an example, what is the problem you have there? You could leave that alphabetically crap rant for yourself. Did you really think i mean to specify every single enemy list?

I never reported anybody, never. Decay finds them all. Yet I can understand that rules are necessary, we all do. In a part I really agree with you about crystal clear rules, but I agree with @Sera67 about elasticity in some cases, because some people really build wonders, beautiful constructions that really advertise the game. Yet they are huge. If I speak for me now, not a year ago I fixed a museum. It is not a great construction yet all the placeables inside there are crushing the game. I know that I have to remove them and destroy the museum 3 months now. But it is not easy, it’s not easy… But I have too… I have too… because I know…but it’s not easy.

It has 8 big rooms excibiting every single weapon of the game from stone till legendary. And 2 small rooms in the attic for the tools and others. I cannot count the gaming hours this weapon museum has, I just can’t, but I have to decide to do it, because even if it doesn’t seem ban able construction, it is, because it is hurting others performance and it is not fair. I believe this weekend I will bring it down, it’s time.


I sincerely doubt that PVP needs stricter rules, but that’s moot anyway, because you’re not arguing about the strictness of the rules, you’re arguing about the specificity of the letter of the rules.

Is it really a problem? Or are you just trying to paint it as a problem?

You know when it becomes a problem? When you have too many contradictory cases. If you build 5 small defense towers and I build 5 small defense towers and they’re pretty much the same kind of build, and if we both get reported but only you get banned for it, that’s a pair of contradictory cases. If there’s a consistent pattern of those, that’s a problem.

Right now you’re only speculating about hypotheticals.

@Sera67 already explained what’s wrong with it: if they say “200”, someone will get reported for “201” and someone will complain for getting banned for “199”.

Or in your case, if they say “unique”, every chucklehead who paved over the brimstone nodes in Shattered Springs will feel validated, because those nodes are not unique.

What then? When do they stop going into more and more detail about how and why people shouldn’t be dicks to each other? :slight_smile:

Of course, they could include a phrase along the lines of “including but not limited to preventing the respawn of unique resources”, but we’ve already seen that phrasing of that sort is just not enough for people who complain about how rules are vague.

What people don’t get is that this is not the same thing as real-world laws. Like I said, real world has laws, and courts, and lawyers, attorneys, counsels, etc. There are law schools and public records and dockets and whatnot. I imagine that if Funcom tried, they could make a system like that, but that’s not free, so why should they? I would rather have them spend time, money, and effort on the game itself, rather than a body of case law or a system of arbitrage. :man_shrugging:

Um, no, that wasn’t serious. But that just illustrates my point: if you couldn’t tell that I wasn’t being serious, then you still don’t understand the difference between the letter of a rule and the spirit of a rule, and no amount of specificity in the letter of the rule will satisfy you.


It all becomes moot over time, my most magnificent Serbian friend since Tesla, because I will rebuild and eventually they will leave.

I’ve had some time to think about this recently, and the resounding question is rather an existential one: why do I build at all?

My good, and mighty friend and enforcer Volatus keeps the riff-raff at bay, and he’s pigeon-holed in a high spot for comfort. This is the way I personally prefer to solo, but that’s not the route I chose this round, or last server either.

You have some options when you join a server: do you hang a nice juicy one right over the plate with the hopes someone on the other side will crack a hit, or do you solo a homer to the deep outfield and bank on never being caught?

The fallout becomes, why did I build a layercake in the first place? At the time there were 12 players, now there are only 2. What I’ve built is a fuse, that burns for 7+ hours at least, with the intent of what? Why would I ever sleep this long?

To Cone or not to Cone, Volatus, that is the question.

Who is Tesla? @CodeMage is first :wink:

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But see, You have clear Paths thru yours, and its in Jungle, and likely not de-spawning anything important.

So if someone reported you, I would look at it… and be like… Ya… It might breaks new rules, but its not hurting anyone.

/pass. XD

Pretty sure your just despawning 1-2 gorillas if your at Docks? Or if your further down, So many spawns spots, not really hurting anything.

Cause… You Can! And WILL! “Muahahahahahhahahahahahahaa!”


@Sera67 , Every time I go near my museum the game is lagging horrible, this construction is hurting the server. If I can see it and do nothing about it then how can I blame anyone else? It is our personal responsibility to the other players and to the company that gives us a place to play for FREE. We must respect the server and start from our own mistakes first before pointing others, isn’t it. Yet I don’t feel like pointing anyone, but I can surely fix mine :wink:. I hate the idea that I have to to do it, but I must and I will, because it’s the proper thing to do.
I am starting with the man on the mirror


I guess all items, its basiclly like placing 100 torches. XD

You can always remove some items and lights, Who really needs to see that iron sword. XD


I don’t really see much change in the parts that matter? It’s a bit more concise maybe.

The rules are grey so that FC doesn’t have to explain themselves, which is as it should be. FC obligating themselves to publicly litigate every instance where some one gets banned for ruining others experiences on public servers would be foolish on their part. So long as you don’t value your personal feelings of power/control over others ability to have fun the eye of Sauron should never fall upon you. :eye:


I will start from removing every decorative, only candles are more than 500, the skulls are about 250, same with the selves. Yet if it continues lagging I will have to remove everything and the build has no meaning of existence :man_shrugging:, it will be useless land claim. About the swords even the stone ones are awesome. The detail they have, the exceptional job this team did to this game from stone to predatory is awesome. I love all their designs, all of them. I don’t like how Misha daggers or havoc and malice stand in the weapon rack, but other than that, fixing a weapon museum is the most beautiful thing I ever did in pve and pvp servers. It is not my first, but it is the only one in official server. That is the reason it’s so small. In private servers I was using thrall mannequin for armors too :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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Quoted for truth.

The new rules have helped clarify the problems I had with my own style. It really comes down to intent, and I don’t think anyone would report me for using what I thought was a neat way of unsnapping while building. This will change the way we do things going forward, one hopes.

Ultimately, it requires activism, or people taking the time to document and report. Objectively, dispassionately, just as you’ve done here. I think you all have made real change on these forums, and being a member of such an amazing community is one of the best gifts of all. Thank you!


Wait for time someone is d you - play on pvp server, kill someone then with revenge get reported for landclaim spam, get banned… All You did is big wall around your base. That’s example what could and i bet will happen many times as there’s no clear rules.

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You make a very valid point, which is why I will continue to clean up my PvP act.

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@Barnes and I play PVP almost exclusively, and people have tried to “d us”.

I still have never resorted to building a huge wall, or land claim spam.


Yeah I’ve been exploded into chowder and hunted to the ends of the server, but I’ve never once felt like walling the place off. Maybe it’s subjective: I built a fringe around my clan’s mountain in anti-climb. It could be construed as excessive.

Edit to add photos
This is Chain Fire, the Reverse Mullet of the desert:

Business in the back

Party in the front

The fence says “stay off my lawn”


Grey areas are perfect in this situation. It allows Funcom to protect their player base from trolls. If you are old enough to log in and play Conan Exiles, but still need to have someone tell you “exactly” what the rules are for (being nice) then you might be exactly the type of player Funcom is trying to guard against.

Essentially, if you are a professional, classless, scumbag Funcom is now stating they are going to ban you and your clan mercilessly. So… just go pound sand like everyone else does, build a castle, do it with a smile on your face and everything should be fine.

But if you are gonna 95% wall someone in, build a monolith that swallows mountain chains, or curse the skin colors of strangers… perhaps you should be concerned.

Most of us enjoy this game without turning the servers into battle-chat-online. I can honestly say, most servers I have played on are 95% reasonable players… with a small population of goons that always tend to do the same stuff. (Offend the local population a dozen different ways, get flak for it, then proceed to spend months walling people in and/or cursing them out/terrorizing folks.) They drive away players and kill the servers population. This is why we end up with so many dead servers.

I am glad for this open ended promise to ham fist nimrods into dust. These guys have been wrecking an otherwise nice game for lack of moderation. This will be good, even if we have to adjust our play styles a little.


Glad my guys don’t have to worry, in my clan i dont like to be one to have a lot of rules but a few things are clear in my clan always when we play

  1. Pick up or destroy your unused stuff (building fire pits ect) for server health

  2. No raiding folks below 60 unless they raid first

  3. No hate messaging or pming someone with anger

  4. No raiding without telling the rest of the clan first (had a dude raid and not mention anything then we got slammed the next day🙄)

  5. Dont teabag or insult the person you just beat

  6. Not hate towards anyone else for appearance, gender or sexual preference.

  7. Keep bases only as big as needed, no pillaring or foundationing entire areas

  8. When building make sure to not be in render distance of others

  9. No claws allowed in my clan (entire clan agrees with that one tho)

  10. No grieving or repeat hitting of the same person, if they back off we back off.

  11. No wiping a person just because (you need a darn good reason to and the clan must agree)

My rules are just so no one causes grief for others at any point and respect others time and game play.