Client Side Option: Turning NPC/Player Heads

It would be a nice Quality of Life option to turn on/off player and Exile heads turning to face you when you get close to them. It is strangely disconcerting to see all of those heads follow me around as I walk through Sepermeru.

Anyone else interested in seeing this option become a reality?

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Maybe it should have something to do with the player’s reputation. A low level Exile might be noticed as a potential “slave” or completely ignored as a non-threat. However, a high level Exile might be noticed as a potential threat or actively ignored (turning away) so as not to be mistaken as ‘interested’. But yes, some kind of leveled response based on reputation (ie. level) could be reflected in how NPCs react to seeing you.

Let me clarify with a picture about what I mean.

These two players are in combat with each other. I know they are looking at each other on their screens, but to me, they are looking directly at me. As clever as it is, I would like the option to turn this strange ‘twisty-head glare’ off.


Scary. Good job!

Good illustration! That is kinda creepy.


Guy 1: “I’m going to kil… oh hey, who is that?”
Guy 2: “No idea, but I can’t stop staring at them!”


Totally META caption: Does this forum need a caption contest or what?





I got a million pictures. Start the thread in the Community Corner!

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