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Hello guys,
we bought Conan Exiles yesterday and we noticed that, when you arrive to an NPC camp they are not aggressive and they are not moving making it easy to kill them.
Is there any whay to change the behavior of the npcs to an aggressive stance?
Or make them to be roaming NPCs
Thank you very much

At some camps they are aggressive. There is no way to make them more or less unless you have a mod. I have not heard of any mod that does this. I could be wrong but I don’t think there is an admin setting for this either.

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Are you playing co-op, or online (official, or private)?

Is it possible that you selected “cloak” in the Admin panel?

You can check by going to;

In Game Menu > Settings > Server Settings > General > (select) Make Me Admin


In Game Menu > Admin Panel > Other Commands > Cloak (deselect)

Good luck!


Thank you for answering.
We are going to play co-op for now. The one having that problem is the host.
He is the only one playing right now, I didnt jump in yet

Thank you.
TBH, the question was about the behavior because, apparently, they stay static not attacking inmediately.

They will attack if you get to close in 95% of cases.

I suggest you play on an official server. Playing co-op has alot of drawbacks. I suggest pve if you are new or like to be more interactive with other people. People will be able to help you and answer alot of your questions online. You also get a chance to see other people’s base builds

Thank you very much, guys. I went to play and tbh, it was not static at all! LOL


If they’re just behaving that way around him then he probably has “cloak” turned on in the admin panel like @LordKAA suggested. I can’t think of any other reason that they would just stand around if they’re hostile.

Good luck and welcome to the forums :smiley:

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