Flying Animal and NPC not fighting back

**Game mode:**Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Animal flying in the world. NPC do not recognize you and don’t fighting back if you hit them.

Since it’s a private server, does it use any mods? If so, can you list which mods are used? Also, can you try without mods and see if the problem persists?

Only a few player have that issue, many players not.

  1. Pippi - User & Server Management
  2. Greater Distance Camera
  3. Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
  4. Fashionist
  5. Better Thralls
  6. Exiles Extreme
  7. Exiles Extreme Feat Blocker
  8. DungeonMasterTools
  9. Savage Steel
  10. Savage Steel 2
  11. Emberlight
  12. Stygian Building Kit
  13. Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
  14. Shadows of Skelos - Extended
  15. Condemned RP - Beast Props
  16. Glass Constructions and more…
  17. Amunets Dungeon Assets
  18. Dudes Delightful Decorations
  19. Arena Pier
  20. Northern Timber
  21. Immersive Armor
  22. River Boats of the Exiles Lands
  23. The Age of Calamitous
  24. Exiled Lands Improved
  25. WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
  26. Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
  27. Prestige - Extended Attributes (Adjustable!)
  28. Hosav’s UI Modification
  29. Engame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
  30. PetStatTweak
  31. Hosav’s Pets Extended
  32. ModControlPanel
  33. MCPWidgets
  34. Stacksize Plus
  35. Creative
  36. Less Building Placement Restrictions - Additional Improvement Add-On
  37. Less Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camp Building

This specific animal flying is a vanilla issue (close to Sinner’s Refuge) but the enemies not fighting back is not. With 37 mods running, it is likely that your server runs into issues. You have a lot of heavy mods in there. Is your server running out of memory? What about the CPU usage?

Do the players experiencing issues have something in common such as location, ping, hardware?

I have seen this specific issue on one server and the enemies were so unresponsive that you could go in a legendary AoC camp, knock a thrall and go out before they started reacting. I haven’t seen the AI being so bad on any of the other servers I’ve played. I still don’t know what was wrong with that server.

This would be very hard to troubleshoot I am afraid and a lot of the mods would cause quite some losses if removed for a live test.


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