Climbing gear an item mod

I love the climbing system one of the biggest improvements to game play over when I played in early access. Love the climbing gear I wear it all the time when I am gathering as I tend to gather in just the plant fiber clothes you make at level 1.

What I would like to see is an advanced version, something you learn either when you have an armorer or from finding a second npc on top of a mountain. Only let this advanced version just be cleats and climbing spikes that you can add to boots and gloves so that I can wear and entire set for its appearance and still get the climbing buff.

I mean wearing the current climbing gear is a choice to sacrifice the look but you get climbing plus what ever mod you put on the climbing gear, with the “advanced” version you add the climbing buff to the gear of your choice.

Or even a climbing arrow/bolt that you can learn with rope maker to shoot a rope that assists you when you want to climb something but despawns after five minutes.

I forgot how much of a pain it was to not have my climbing gear on me recently when I could not put my elevator back in place after taking it off to build around it and could not climb all the way to the top unless completely naked and unencumbered as it was just that little bit too high up.