Climbing has a new problem now

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So hello, again, but as always i write report only when something bothers me or other players on server too much, now its about follower teleport idiotism, that should have been “fixed” by this update

this exact point Screenshot by Lightshot

So what is about now, yes they will NEVER teleport in wall anymore never ever, they now teleport just right on any player head, and does not even care, its my follower or another player, when u climb for example i have rhino, and greater rocknose , they both random teleport on head, that breaks attach to wall and everyone fall to death ( Like in jhil vault in isle of siptah, rocknoose just teleported random on my head while i was climbing and killed me and 2 players with me… then randomly appeared to final boss and even killed him somehow)
Before when they teleported in front ( IN WALL) it was better then its now, when they telleport and kills everyone… So maybe disable they teleportation while players climb at all? when they stand ok but with climbing its like instant death…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Get thrall or pet
  2. climb
  3. see them teleport up to head and loose attach to surface
  4. Die from falling…
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Just out of curiosity: while you’re climbing, do you keep the climb button pressed at all times or do you start climbing and then release it?

I’ve had the problem with the pets that teleport on top of me, too, but I haven’t actually fallen to my death. Instead, the client will show me as falling (and give me a freaking heart attack) and then teleport me right back. It’ll happen a couple of times and then I end up on top of my pet.

I wonder if that’s because I keep the climb button pressed during climbing.

Please note: I’m not disputing that this is a bug and should be fixed. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to help people avoid dying until it’s fixed.

I can confirm that it acts like that with climbing button held, that’s how i always climb, and it’s quite annoying when pets spawn on top of you. I noticed it happens when follower fights something and mount goes into ‘run away’ phase, if you climb during that phase mount spawns on top of you.

It does not change anything to me… either hold either release, but when u climb like 100 meters and start to fall ur nerve system die… but when u actually die from falling and lose 13/14 sigils ur pc can start to fly and cursing on this idiotical ‘‘fix’’… because this started after that fix. before there was no problem

Also that why it release is because those thralls/ pets , any follower is too heavy i got overweight warning and it instant release wall… some time i can catch wall but most times no because those stupid followers actually fall with me and always are on top of head so even i grab wall again i got again that warning and release…

  • i dont really thinked about if i hold climb or no… i think its 50/50… but this problem started after fix…

They also kill you when they do this especially on ramps. Been instant killed by my pets 4 so far this week.

We need a tether distance slider in the ui leave the code as is just let us manually adjust the distance via ui slider

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue as it was reported recently.

It happened to me too. I was climbing the cages in the Jhil vault and my horse teleported on my head. I fell and died.

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