Clockwatcher: Agent and mission alerts



Ingame mod and an optional external viewer and alert app.

Mod Features

App Features

  • Mission and agent cooldown timers visible outside of the game, or for logged off alts
  • Audio alerts (by Wilhelm, but can be customized or disabled) when an agent completes a mission or returns to duty
    • Jakfass and Mikail have provided alternate alert sounds, which are included in the viewer release packages (in sfx/alt)
  • Audio alerts for group finder queue pops (uses the in-game alert noise by default)

Known Issues

  • I have several reports of strange behaviours with the app timers, so if you happen to notice anything I’d appreciate further details (the latest version has added some logging that might help track that down)
  • App icon is (often badly scaled) ugly programmer art , it’ll change into something nicer soon™
  • App timers do not always match up with ingame timers
    • The app uses local system time rather than game server time for its refresh synch and they are often not quite the same (I see a range of +/- 10s)
    • The app is only updating every 5 seconds, which adds a slight additional error
    • Incapacitated agent recovery timers are wonky. They seem to run faster when the character is logged out. Since the app relies on data cached when the character was logged in, these often end up with the agent being available despite several hours left on the clock
      • This also affects the login screen alerts, for exactly the same reasons
  • Trying to prevent notifications for guaranteed insta-pops by using “pre-grouped” as proxy for “private team” which isn’t always accurate

Download Mirror

(CurseForge won’t host .exe files, so the download available there is a partial, mod only, package)


Forum edits are only permitted for a limited time. This post may not fully represent the current state of the mod. If I am unable to edit the post, I will add updates in a reply. Links should go to the latest download and not need updating. This post is accurate as of v1.3.2, released November 14, 2018.

Feedback, suggestions or bug reports are welcome.

Modding Overview & Index

This is really nice, especially with the desktop app!

But the Alert SFX is kinda awkward :stuck_out_tongue:
I had to swap it, and actually recorded the jingle of finished agent mission from the game client and it works great for me.

Hopefully sharing the recorded sound does not violate any rights.
Agent Mission SFX