Closer shrine placement

i get why yall have it so we cant place shrines next to each other, but the distance that its set to now sucks, specially the hieght, i mean cmon its 8 tiles apart horizontal but 16 vert. thats just not right lol, pease chaneg this, tired of being able to build all 5 but place only 1 in my base. what of we all have a different god? only one of us in the base gets to set theirs?

the reason to why they dont want people to have shrine close to each other is because of god defenses. Like they dont want to make a base so raid proof that not even god can descend on them. then again… why can we learn all god from the get go anyway.

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god defenses? what are those i havent even heard of those

it where you can stick an arch priest Tier 4 i believe and for a duration of time he can protect an area from a god attack i do mean A god like if you want protection from yog build a yog shrine etc

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The distance between leads to massive land grabs.
An unintended but problematic consequence of this.
I don’t want a huge base, but I do want all my gods in one handy location.
So I’ve had to claim a large area.

thank you, then they should remove the archer part all together for shrines. or nerf them. imo that is, i just want to fit them in one base.

i remember there being a mod that allow shrine to be place closer but that up to private server and single-player. If it up to me i wouldnt have allowed a clan to have multiple gods for the sake of Rock paper scissor… and perhap a trade bargain with some people. For example when you join the clan you assume the religion of the clan leader’s sort of team building in the game. Like in conan… Only conan himself in his city allowed for multiple god. but in other city it was consider taboo to follow a god outside of the clan. And to my knowledge not one person should lay claim to all religion. and that for Lore, balancing. So that a god could not kill or harm civilian that worship him/her nor could that clan attack that clan. Only conflicting religion could attack each other. But that just me.

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thats a good idea i could get behind that

Make a tower, you can litarally expand vertically better than horizontally.

really? cause vert the limit is 16 tiles where as horz its 8? or am i wrong on this, my temple i fit all 5 in it once