Make Temples able to be placed closer together

Dear conan,

I was building my base and wanted to put all the temples as close as a can get (to minimise the size of my base… half way true my build it was time to place te temples… the same way i had done before so i knew it would fit.
To my supprise i found out that the rage between temple has be increased (somewhere in the last 2 or 3 years).

my question is why? why increase the area your not allowed to build a other temple instead of reducing the size…? i noticed you are coming hard on players who build to big yet the game features push players towards building big.

for example the picture show in one of your threads about land claims
this one:



yes i get that the wall should not be this big and blocking this much space… but to be fair… building all the temple takes this much space anyways… having a wall there is not the main problem.

so please can you have a look at this? now that god bubbles are not a thing anymore i see no reason why the should be this far apart

I’d argue the distance needs to be greater. Picking a religion should have more of an impact then it does now and the religions need to be more exclusive than they are now (as well as providing better benefits for obedience and discipline).


I 100% agree with this :slight_smile:
However if you want to slightly move or adjust the placement of a temple, you simply can’t because the move system see the the moving of a temple as a new copy and therefore too close to where it was, so the only solutions is to move it the distance that is required between 2 temples, and then move it back to where you want which can be har because that distance is pretty much the same distance you can move something.
This can become pretty annoying, but also ridiculously time consuming to simply just adjust the placement of a temple - I am ok with the distance requirement, however they need to fix the movement of a temple or simply just make the moving distance longer.

sure i also would like to see that choosing one religion has more of a impact… but as this is not the case in game right now… creating a larger distance will result in more bases or even larger land claims

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All i need is Crom! I don’t need a shrine, just my birth right!


I gotta ask why do you need all the alters? 3 of them are almost completely useless right now?

Hm. It’s a good question though.

If I’m correct, the reason the altars couldn’t be too close together had some sort of PVP reason behind it, I think. So you couldn’t have too many God Bubbles too close together.

Or too many strobe lights points into the sky.

But neither of those things apply anymore. So unless you want to argue some weird OCD roleplay quirk, for what reason do the religious altars have for being too close to each other now?


Still baffled on why some players insist on having every shrine at their base. Not a fan of Skittles bases when I play, nor am I a fan of placing shrines imo in the wrong biomes.

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