Cloth Awnings Please

Master builder feat looks like it is cloth:

Here is what I thought I was going to be able to make:

But all awnings are just like regular roofing materials. Those are all fine too, but I would love to have the cloth awnings like in Sep - different colors even better!

I believe those are available too, aren’t they? Crafted from the Artisan’s table maybe - can’t remember, been a while since I made those. Albeit you can’t embed them in the wall in quite the same way the inhabitants of Sepermuru are able to. I believe they come in different colors, too.

You can see them in this screenshot, the red ones down near the bottom (they’re in my “tavern” structure):

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This is a really old screen shot. The awning you are looking for is in the game.

It is shown on the left. I used the steam screen since I have to look for it in my archive folder on a USB drive that I have. If i recall correctly, it is made at the Artisan Table.

Here is a different view of the same area of my base. Again this is a really old screen.

They are both in the grass square next to the Temple of Set.

EDIT: Corrected the work bench this is crafted at.

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Oh man… did I miss it? Do you need the default artisan table for these? I only make the Khitan and Aquilonia tables as I thought they included all the default crafts too.

Yes, you’ll need the default artisan table for them. The ones from the DLCs only make the DLC items.

@Kendaric That’s not been my experience, are you playing on PC or a particular console?

@sirvink From what I’ve seen, the DLC Artisan tables (on PC) will craft all of the default items PLUS the items from the associated DLC. Note that you’ll need to have taken the Awnings feat regardless.

On PC. I’m pretty sure you can’t craft the normal stuff on them, but then again my game is extensively modded. So that may have been the cause.

Yeah mods are certainly a possibility. I pretty much only play on unmodded Officials now, and make comfortable chairs, protected torches, Cimmerian braziers, Stygian tables, awnings, wells, vaults, etc. on the Aquilonian and Khitan benches all the time.

Well ok, I feel silly now. There they are in my DLC tables at the VERY TOP of the list. So here is what I learned today:

When you learn the Awnings feat, you need to log out of the game and log back in to get the awnings to show up. At least that is what happened for me, with my various mods in play, on Testlive.

Thanks all for helping me achive my wish for awnings!

Edit: Pic included. Now I just need to upgrade to the Sepameru lamps and get rid of my temporary Khitan hanging lamps and I am all set.

Yeah that’s got to be either related to TestLive or (more likely) mods. But as long as it works, it’s all good!

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