Clothes and hair stick and lose their shape

Clothes and hair stick and lose their shape. And the animation of moving them disappears. They have no mood when the wind blows. And they are completely dry.
This is really annoying. I have repeatedly deleted my save file and started from beginning
but When equip or unequip helmet It happens again.
Anyone have a way to suggest?
Please tell me how to get rid of this bug?

When you created your character, did you change his/her height?
Having a height above or below the ‘standard’ can produce this behavior.
I believe I saw someone mentioning that some precise fractions of different heights do not have this problem, but I guess it is difficult to hit these exact values at character creation…

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Covered in alot of other topics.

But short answer. To much going, they can turn off sometimes. (several threads cover alot of observations on this. )

And Anything but default height tends to incur this more. (i’ve tested default height, and its less likely) But there are other causes.

If you change armors alot, you kinda have live with it. If you do it rarely, and are offline… you can often log out and back in to fix. (thou depending on amount of stuff around you, may not restart right away.)

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yes I change her height.
I try without changing the height and let you know
Thanks for your guidance.

I’ll try and let you know

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