Clout for rangers?

Is the rangers clout perk useful or completly worthless?

For PvE? I guess so, Deadly Draw for PenShot crit chance and clout to add some a little bit more AoE DPS but other than that it got not that much more use compared to the original rank of quick shot.
But then again, most other AAs for rangers are pretty bad in PvE anyways so you should just go with Clout and Deadly Draw.

Hey Raczer,

From what I can personally read, this would be its use:
A quick shot with column damage - it fires multiple dps arrows in a cone in front of the ranger and has a quick cooldown.

A PvE combo would be
Upper white Hit + Lower white Hit + Clout

The following may be outdated, I can’t find much on this perk:
It “requires a crapload of AA points to be useful” in combination with Deadly Draw, Deadly Draw and Taking the Shot seem to have been used more often in the past.

(Source, old - nr. 1 - Source, old - nr.2)

It would be good for others I imagine, to know what and how you have been playing. (I’m just a reader)

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That’s true, getting both skills to 5/5 takes a lot of time and / or points but as far as I know, TTS is pretty much only useful in PvP as it does not work on bosses (that would be hilariously overpowered) and for trash mobs it got a too long cooldown and I am not sure if it even works on every kind of trash mob, for example, it might work on the trash mobs in Reliquary of the Flame when summoning the boss but I don’t think it works on the citadel guards in T4 at the stairs up to the zodiac room.

TTS, despite the wording on the tooltip, does not oneshot, it’s just some instant damage.
However, it’s got 2 restrictions: it only works if the target hp is below a threshold (35%, if I remember) and, since a lot of people complained that it was op in pvp, it got nerfed and only works at a very short range. All in all, since it’s golden perk, it’s pretty much useless, because to equip it, you have to remove DD, which is way better.

However, Clout is not that good either. Usually, I just use Jarring Shot, in case I need an extra ranged stun. Very situational, of course, but sometimes it can be a lifesaver.

just reduce a bit the cd of dd and pen shot , use up and down before each of then and rotate these 2 combos. 2 or 3 pts in quick shots do that.
the only useful aa that’s really useful for pve is deadly draw, the other will likely be situational.


Those pvp:ers had very good reason to complain, since that times rangers used pen shot with fire / shatter advantage > instant tts and any clothie / tos / pom would have died :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never argued about that, just said that it was nerfed because of pvp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: