Clout AA, is it working right?

So, was playing my ranger the other day, didn’t hit any white directionals, just hit the Clout AA combo, was aiming at a far mob and had several in between myself and the target mob. Anyway, Clout didn’t damage the other mobs between me and the target, just hit the target mob. From the description it’s supposed to be a column attack, doesn’t seem to be working as intended. Clout is feated 5/5 btw. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.

Yea, I’ve always found Clout to be rather unreliable too, but to be honest I never did a lot of testing about it.

I don’t think it’s a column like pen shot/linebreaker. IIRC tooltip is actually noticeably different from pen shot and LB.

I believe it’s splash on target, but it’s very tiny.

Clout is 3m 60 arc cone dmg, with kuth weapons can up to 4m+ 80 arc+, a very good AA to do solo pve vs 3-4 mobs imo.
However, it cannot proc fire attack advantage on multi targets like pen shot/ linebreaker
but with t5 rune all clout dmg has chance to proc fitness hits, very useful in fight like t5 yak adds, you can do like 4k+dps on yak adds while normal one can only do like 1.5k dps. Sometime just spamming clout+deft stabs with t5 rune is more efficient than using bow only.

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Henryx is right : the “aoe effect” on clout is a short range cone attack. so you need to be hugging the extra mobs to get more than the single target damages.

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Oh so splash right in front of you and not on target, makes sense now.

Thank you very much for the clarification gents. That noted, maybe I’ll start using jarring shot or something. If it were a true column attack (like I thought it was) it’d be worth taking. Kinda wish I hadn’t spent 5 points on it now :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever you slot next to deadly draw will not be the most useful thing !

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