Clustering, Suggestion to Split the Map

Hey Devs,

It’s time to split the map and lets get clustering!

  • Split the map, N vs S. This will allow us to run 140 players, or split the load 35/35. Drop an obelisk and teleport to the other cluster IE the North Server. I’ve tested this functionality using the “hidden” Arena Map and a custom obelisk and players can teleport back and forth between maps(servers) with no issue.

Conan logic is a single core, but splitting the map allows us to run multiple Conan servers on get this… MULTIPLE CORES. Shocking I know!! I understand that re-coding Conan off Unreal’s single core isn’t going to happen; but clustering is a great way to fix this, AND when you release the next area you are working on. It can be a whole new map!

Please? Pretty Please with Pea’s and Carrots?

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I just want cross server raiding. But teleporting for our daily brimstone and crystal runs would be annoying.

What are you talking about??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

sounds like he’s hoping for a map update, or an expansion

Yeah…no new areas as far as Funcom is concerned. The “blank” area we see on the main game map is actually where they do/will store the mapping for dungeons. So my hope is some pretty BA dungeons with all that open space (data wise)

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Let’s pray these dungeons are actually really hard, and great on loot so it gives players a reason to challenge it over and over.

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I’d like for a dungeon to be set up in a way to promote melee.
Maybe have random named thralls spawn in every 15 minutes and who ever controls the portal out can actually take the thrall with them to any obelisk. If you don’t control the spawn point you can’t drag a thrall out of the dungeon. To control the spawn point you must craft a token in an altar that gives 2 hours of claim to the portal (and cannot be recrafted by the same clan until their 2 hours is up), thus claiming the altar for that hour. All players in clan at the time will be tagged as owners, even if they leave clan within the 2 hours, thus avoiding exploiting some how. Who ever has a claim for the 2 hours will get a message someone has ported to the beginning of the dungeon, and they can spawn in at the altar immediately to try and protect their claim.
Create conflict without bombs. SP/COOP would be able to control it at all times. PVE could be an open portal for everyone. And PVE-C/PVP have melee. PVP 24 hrs, PVE-C during the conflict hours.

King of the hill is a good way to put it.

And yes, the more a mechanic can be used across multiple styles in Conan, the more people will enjoy it.

I liked the idea of another event similar to the halloween one, but in one location on the map, so people have to fight for it. With my server being so populated, it would be total chaos and I would love it. I would tell every clan to fight like crazy for it, and to not start wars over fighting for the event loot.

So the dungeon has npc’s and wildlife, plus random world boss. You have to work thru it like the Midnight Grove. There is an altar at the end where you have to drop in religious item (heart/slither, etc.). This activates the altar as claimed by your clan for 2 hours. All players in your clan are given this cliam, and cannot refresh active claim until it is over. During that time any thrall you capture in the dungeon will teleport with you to the main map thru the map room.

Clans that don’t have the claim on the altar cannot teleport out the thrall, just like main map is now.

The idea is a clan can woudl start the dungeon. The “owning”" clan would get a purge type message someone has entered the dungeon, and they can instantly teleport to the altar to defend the claim. If the tne clan can get to the altar, they can lay their own claim on the altar, thus removing your claim and starting a new 2 hour timer for them ( removing the cool down of all people tied to previous claim). If no one is there to defend it, then the new clan can claim without hassle.

All thralls are named, everything except priests. Crafters, fighter, and archers from every part of game can be randomly generated here.

For PVP an PVP-C, the conflict is 24/7. Orbs and TNT do not work in the dungeon. All arrows do. This would push a melee zone of sorts.
For PvE and SP, they only have to claim the altar. It would not remove another clans claim since there is no way to defend without melee combat.

This could either be one of the best ideas or one of the stupidest. I would really want to see this pushed forward as a system of partnership between server since it would be cool for population and type of restrictions and even modded or roleplaying server.

If you think about it:

-modded servers would be able to expand and make their own custom maps so new content won’t be needed anymore (the modders are extremely good at fixing bugs from the main game anyways that even the devs didn’t fix and create new content EX: pippi mod)
-roleplaying servers could play as default and still have roleplaying elements consider it as traveling from one city to another (servers).

Is just the players levels would be transferred tbh there is a current bug where when you want to be sent to the arena with the command it send you into your singleplayer so it is 100% duable but it must be worked on in the engine and such but it would fix the promised 500 bugs+ that they never actually fixed :smiley:. (they were fixed but only for a short period of time they are still there but under other forms)
And it would be cool to be manageable for example the server admins should have full control of who is going where in the logs I kinda got over with the current version and how little you can do to actually manage the server.

By introducing those ^^^ and this cluster ideea with mods embedded it would be a ++ since it would tick of many of the game needs but I don’t think is going to be pushed forward since is a lot of ‘‘work’’ they are doing rn such as making ‘‘new game’’ am I right?

(cmon just let the community fix the game by adding those then move forward with your projects)

um we dont fix things we dont have access to the C++ i dont know where you are going with that. also having more cores sure maybe… they would need to get some networking guys and UE support for it. I dont know if it feesible possible because the Tech isnt there and there hasnt been a UE4 sandbox game that actually solved these issue.

Having restriction on building mode onto player would go for a long way to improve stability because not everyone will follow the rules and will do everything they can to destroy it. Im not getting into that argument… the point is. This game has gone deeper then any other gaming developer has gone before. So this is like first run of it.

well i am not talking about fixing the technical part just visual bugs or bugs in general that make it possible to dupe and so on. Is not about a different game people can play the original and cluster into other servers and so on.

is fine to not like it I just voiced my opinion

ARK does this on UE so I’m not sure where the issue is.

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