Conan exiles to big, takes to much time to move around wich makes players leave over time



the issue has been for to long now. the map is way to big and to make this game attractive it should been working with servers for 100-120 players without lag issues.

the game was much more fun when the dessert area was the map size limit, becose the pvp and activity was on a whole other level.
if your purpose is to only build and no pvp… sure its fine as it is, but i asume its more pvp players than pve.
my prediction is that conan will dropp out of the top 100 playd games on steam in 2-3 mounths becose its simply not working with 40 players on this big map.
if you go above 40 players on servers atm the lag issues will increase more and more, and on full 70/70 servers the game is not playable.
conan has been beta for 2 years or something? and funcom didnt manage to let this game run on 100+ player servers when they increased the map size this much.
i think the game ran and was much more fun in the early beta than now, maybe funcom has something intresting to come up with soon before they loose all their players.

so yeah, this is kinda a long question about if funcom ever gonna try improve the game to run on bigger servers since they keep increaseing the map size.
and maybe they should spent less time on increaseing the map and put that time into fixing the server stability issues.



I like that the map is this big… try to build a cardroom then the ways are just half as long ;D


Silliest complain I’ve seen, just read the title and got enough XD

Map rooms, maybe? Build map rooms to go back, next to obelisks? Place your bases next to obelisks, with a maproom, so you can pinball from obelisk to maproom to obelisk to maproom? XD


I can run from south east river (near tarman spawn, south of river) to asagarth in around 7 minutes. Thats with killing stuff chasing me. How on earth is that so hard to do?


Just build a map room. My clan is putting a map room by every obelisk on the server.


Just a heads up, anyone can use a map room if they can get to it.


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