Cochineal for fish traps!

It’s a bug, why wouldn’t it work like every other bug does in a fish trap?

(Not to be taken fully serious).


YES!!! Absolutely. I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past, but gave up. Great idea and am not sure why it wasn’t part of the original plan, it is a bug.

A little further down that road, it seems to me that Catfish love rotten meat, nothing like putting an old stinky piece of pork or fish on a hook to get a big ole cat. Technically rotten meat would be a feasible bait.


Maybe chopped rotten meat as rotting bait?


So I made this conical fishtrap and I put it in the river with the mouth facing upstream so fish would swim into it and get caught but my bait keeps floating away . . . .



Is the bug not working as a bug, a bug?

Hmmm. Reminds of that “rose is a rose” thing from Literature class.


That’s a ‘rose by any other name’,…

…but no, I think it was never included or intended to be included as fish bait. But the reality of it is, it is a bug (insect, not coding mistake) and as such would seem reasonable that it would be included in the bug list (insect, not patch notes) for baiting (putting bait in an actual trap, not trolling…which can also be fishing) fish traps. Considering how finding or farming decent quantities of bait can be frustrating, that’s why I don’t do Derketo’s temple, adding the Cochineal to the bait list wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

That is until someone on a PVE or PVP server starts complaining that players are stripping all the cactus and that something should be nerfed or changed, because you know…Cochineal.

Should be able to eat them too.


No, I was thinking of Getrude Stein’s “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”.

But we’re getting wildly offtopic here (seems to be my specialty these days). Sorry OP!

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may be it is not a fish it might be a bug

Ahhh, okay. I was thinking Shakespeare. Either way, I think Gertrude Stein and William Shakespeare would agree that Cochineal are bugs and they probably would use them for fishing. :slight_smile:

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