Cochineal... A useless Item

Can we please get the drop rate of cochineal down a ton or alest make them stack 1000. Its getting annoying having to drop 4-5k worth of Cochineal in 20stacks every time I farm wood in volcano.


They aren’t useless, they are used in manufacturing red dye. So they are only mostly useless.


You took my comment to literally. I know there is a purpose (red dye). But really how much red dye do you make in a single month… I collect thousands of these useless bugs in about 10mins of farming wood. Then another 5mins trying to drop them all one by one because they are in stacks of 20.

farm wood else where rather than volcano?

Sounds like a half â– â– â–  solution to a actual issue in the game. have you tried to harvest wood there? Its by far the quickest location to gather wood in a short amount of time. Im sure someone built in that part of the volcano on your server so you will never get to understand how great mining here is.

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I use the black blood hatchet for wood but unfortunately this tree drops the bugs from both pick and ax.

Nope, noone built there at my server… i just prefer the highlands left of the pocket camp to harvedt wood… i prefer gathering resin along the way as well

Maybe they could give them some use in the fluid press or something. A stack of 20 for 1 ichor or something


Increasing stack size, both for these and some other harvestable dye items, sounds like a fine solution to me. Stacking up only to 20 is so 2017.


risk v reward. You can always, i don’t know, drop them??? I hate getting all those “useless” bugs when i harvest plants and aloe. But it takes all of 5 seconds to drop them.

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Keep dropping them insects… your gonna kick yourself next time you want to build a new Derketo Palace.

You may have not read my post correctly but it takes forever to drop 4,000 bugs because there in stacks of 20. Im not complaining because im lazy…


It would be nice if they could stack to 1000 :slight_smile:

Yeah, i don’t utilize the stam potion that often. I know what insects are for. they are also for “crafting” blue fish in fish traps.

And yes dropping is cumbersome, but i highly doubt you get 4000 all at once. I typically do drops in general. I quick loot a lot. Not saying the drop rate is not insane, but again risk reward. how much wood are you getting ratio wise to the cochineal? If it is 10,000 or more, then having to drop 80 (50 per?) stacks of cochineal in maybe 30 seconds is a good trade off for 2000 shaped wood.

I have the double harvest skill enabled and use a black blood hatchet with the harvest oil enabled. Now go clear out the volcano trees. 4-5k Cochineal and 6kish wood in about 10mins.

Do your own research if you dont belive me i dont need to lie

This has nothing to do with “risk reward” i dont even know why you keep saying that there is no risk here. Its just annoying having to clear out the inventory when it fills to much because you have to many bugs in ridiculous stacks. Just fix the stacks

if it is indeed almost 1 to 1, then yeah it is “broken”. Never said i didn’t believe you, but getting the entire story would help avoid any confusion, and helps the managers communicate to dev team more precise issue on the ratio. I never really harvest wood in volcano, as mounds gives resin, and is more efficient in the way i play.

Or be give an option to use them as fish bait in traps.