Cold Lands of the Ancestors - Find the Fragment of Hystory



It’s been a long time since I’m stuck in this Quest. One of the objectives is to find the Mound of Wrought Vengeance, which I did find and was easy. But the other one tells me to get the Fragment of Hystory, which I’ve also found, but I can’t seem of find any way to reach it, as it’s on a platform with no access and no climbing spots.


This is not much information about the quest. I guess you are talking about the lvl 17 renown Cimmerian racial pet quest from the bearded Barbarian in the guild city.
I have done that quest, but I do not remember where exactly the the location of the Fragment of History is. If you can provide the area and coordinations I will be glad to help.


Ymir’s Pass X1210 | Y495

I also took a Screenshot of the platform where it is…


There might a way you have not thought of - sometimes the direct approach is not the best one.
Ok, you need to find a way up into the ruins south of that location, to reach the same level as the top of the pillar.

I am putting more specific directions into a spoiler:

There is a lvl 62 boss, Cowled One (X 1204 | Y 452), and he faces the top of the pillar directly. Left and right of him are walls, on which you can jump with a mount. I would recommend the right wall. From that wall you can jump onto the pillar. (Edit: I just saw, that on your screenshot you can see the ends of those little “walls” pointing at the top of the pillar, in the left high corner.)I would also recommend you get the resurrection pad at (X 985 | Y 385) first - it as a loooong fall.
Perhaps at your level you can not jump wide enough. Notice that movement speed enhances your jumps and lets you jump over a longer distance, so you will be able on lvl 80 (with maxed out movement speed, press “p” and look on the right), with some gear, pets or buffs with +movement speed, and maybe a fast mount, to make the jump. Just saying so you don’t give up.


Hmm… so you do have to jump. :expressionless:
Yeah, I actually killed the Cowled One and spent a few minutes there, trying to hop on the pillars and jump (after activating the resurrection pad). Since I always ended up killing myself down below I thought that simply wasn’t the way. I guess I’ll keep trying then… :grin: