Yellow priests of Yun quest chain



Hey people. Those of you who completed the topic’s faction would you please help me with a struggle here?)
I cannot progress with yellow’s quest chain further. I’m in Kara Korum now and the last quest done for them i beleive was “The lotus experiment” where you collect lotuses from valley of giants with different effects (u’re going mad for several secs or instantly die etc).
Now noone gives me the new quest, only repeatable ones. I was traveling through all khitai areas and spoke with all possible yellow priests. Even petitioned a GM, but he said the quest is somewhere out there and i’m not bugged so i should keep looking) But i’m really giving up here…perhaps it’s some item on the ground or something? I’m a completionist and can’t have fun without completing all possible stories here so I’m kindly asking for your help)


For the last part - look in Paikang.

And if I remember correctly, you need to finish the O. Basilisk quest and the Ghost Hill quest chain both in Kara Korum.


Where is this ghost hill chain? I can’t find the quest starter( I never got basilisk or ghost hill yellow priset quests


There are little scrolls on the ground scattered around in the streets of the small village (ghost hill). Try to click all of them, one will give you a quest but I don’t know where the right one is. Some are rolled out and some are not, they might be hard to see so zoom in as close as you can and look on the ground (but don’t fall off the cliff at the end of the village :wink: )


Thanks man. After counless runs it turned out it’s a brown rolled scroll on a… brown ground in ghost hill (unlike other white scrolls). And it prevented the whole chain of the major faction. The game designer behind this idea was clearly a genius :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


it’s one of those things that are almost impossible to find, unless you already know what you’re looking for… :sweat_smile:
especially since no other quest from the yellow priests sends you to ghost hill… :roll_eyes:

anyway, just for your information, there are 2 extra hidden quests for the jang-shi in ghost hill. one is from a pendant, on the floor of the building next to the yellow priests scroll, the other one is from a page that looks exactly like the ones for the yags quest, but is on the furthest part of the town.

good luck! :smiley:


I too am struggling with this faction. Where the hell is si-dao? the quest “Needle in a haystack” is quite literal and i can’t find anything on the net about him. I have been all over the zone south of the crater and can’t find any NPC named Si-Dao. Anyone else managed to solve this ?


Yeah man, Si-Dao walks between two villages here: (red arrow) - https:// imgur. com/a/T9MKyqS (remove space after backslash and before com, the strange rules here block me from uploading images or posting links o_O- no idea how to help using images lol)

Yawgmoth thanks for the tip sir :+1:


if you’re lucky, you can find si-dao taking a rest on the corrupted shelter in front of the passage to the crater.
if he’s taking a walk between the 2 shelters, you’d better wait, because it will be hard to make the dialogs while he’s roaming between mobs…


I found him in the village just standing around