Any Info rgd. Faction progression?

Hey there,
I’ve googled a bit but only got same vaque answers rgd. the progression quests one needs to do in order
to progress in any specific faction - to be send to the next higher area in the end (i.e. not the repeatable quests).

for instance: my toon “stucks” now in KK with Scarlet Circle. she’s not far from rank3 but still hasn’t been given
the quest to leave for Paikang yet! From what I googled I am missing the SC quests Keeper of the Corrupted
and Faces of Khitai. What am I missing, who is giving those, are there any pre-quests I need to have done?

(Li-ya in Fengdu only gives the 30 bones quest and Tao near Pra-eun the crystal-ball one,
and the lady near the Jiang-shi rezpad as well only has 2 repeatables…)

any information, pls…

is this even the correct sub-forum for quest-related questions?

The long chain of SC leads you to Pra-Eun. Before being sent permanently to Paikang you ask for an audience in Pra-Eun, the lieutenant (the one who gives you the quest for the Refuge of the Apostate) gives you a quest to impress Pra-Eun and make you talk to him, the quest is called “The Face of Khitai” if you’ve found that quest you’re on the right track.
To the normal quests, you add a whole series of secret quests that I suggest you do.
At Ghost Hill, explore well and sift the ground, there are a series (at least 6-7) of scrolls on the ground of various shapes (stretched, rolled up), not to be confused with the medical logs of the Children’s quest, which give you many very interesting from the point of view of the plot, provided you have the right factions/ranking.

there’s a trick to get to speak with pra-eun however, the quest to crate crystal balls and charge them must be done twice. :wink:

yes, I guess I was missing the second crystal ball run
yesterday, all I could get from Tao was The King of the Crater (charging the balls), but today there was more!
…and there seems to be some kind of cooldown involved as well, since giving in the crystal ball quest for the second time did not immediately unlock more quest; I did check that

anyway, question is solved now - thanx for the hint with doing King of the Crater twice

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