A Few Q's about Paikang

Is there more than one rez pad in this zone?

Where do I go to get the Milestones quest (I dropped it by accident)? Someone told me Imperial City but I don’t see that on the map.

Where is the assassin for the Scarlet Circle Hunting the Assassin step 2? I’ve cleared out the entire circle and looked hard for something interactive but I’m stuck.

There are some rezzpoints, can’t name the exact locations, but one is in the southeast of the ricefields, one near Ju Jia and one south of the insurrection camp.

There should be a statue around x450 y 370. If you use /kneel in front of it, the npc who gives the quest should spawn for several minutes.

The assassin should be in the north behind a spiderboss in a small cavern a little west of the river


Thanks, you’re a lifesaver!

Edit: Kneeling at that statue gets me “The gods are unmoved by your performance.” over and over again. Edit 2: NM, there’s a scroll at that location to click~

Ok, has been some time since I needed to spawn that npc last time.

And if you still can’t get the milestone quest then another player can share it with you when you are in a group with them.

I have a map with the ress pads: