Jiang Shi Quest unavailable

I cannot seem to get any more quests for this faction. The guy in Fengdu no longer gives them to me. I am stuck at 336500 faction points. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

You need to got to the refuge of the jiang shi for more …there’s a few hidden ones aswell in the haunted forest and in ghost hill

Thank you. The only person at the camp that has quest for me is from BB. No one else has anything more to say to me.

Go to ghost hill as you enter from the Rez pad go left …and follow the pages on the floor there should be a clickable one by the entrance of a house by the statue

Found that piece of paper. It tells me that I cannot do that quest again. lol Thanks for the glimmer of hope. It was nice while it lasted.

Have you inspected the grave in the yard on the hill near Ghost Hill? That starts a short little additional quest that takes up into that awful forest.

Go to 982 1153 in Kara Korum. There is a Jang Shi named Tien-Kai. He will give you a quest or two… There are a few more in that area from other Jang… Tein-Kai gives you a repeatable quest called ENDLESS BOUNTY where you kill giant creatures a little NW of that area…

Thank You. Talked to him no quests. Also clicked on grave site in graveyard near ghost hill. Nothing happens after wards.

And you get quests from Pra-Eun too for Jiang Shi. Likely you are stuck in some quest half-done… like need to drink the corrupted blood before returning or its not completed quest. Check Quest Journal.