Comando spawn in "miners" area

In the past week and a half since the anniversary activities started I have seen the Nomad Comando only once in the “miners” area SBC-Xpm. What event or activity causes him to spawn?

You aren’t seeing them because they get killed quickly after spawning.

So what causes them to spawn? A timer? Or?

people are timing the respawns and killing them instantly. respawn is 1h and corpses last 30min so that can help you determine when the next spawn will be. (if the corpse says 5min left, then the spawn will be in 35 minutes)

probably bring camped by a multiboxer so be prepared to take a team in there and pvp

OK … so what drops from Commando such that someone is spending all their time there?

stuff that doesn’t drop normally. ql 200 nballs, ql 200 shoulder items from leets, chapmans etc. Like halloween loot

Ah. Another incentive to use the voluntary PvP area, I see.

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PvP is always the Holy Grail for devs. No need to develop new content.

No need to develop content if devs cater to builders either. Witness Minecraft.

its not really pvp when a mb of full endgame toons turns arounds and throws 6 aimed shots at you tho

I heard that’s skill.

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