Spawn rate at Al-Meraya Siege is to fast / never ending

The Spawn rate at new Siege Al-Meraya ist to fast / never ending.
I broke the first gate and killed more then 50 NPCs. The spawn dont stop.

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I think it’s perfect considering their agro distance. If you don’t want to fight them you can continue on into the keep and with their tiny agro distance, they wont bother you. However, if you do want to fight them, you definitely don’t want to waste time waiting around for them to respawn.

I believe its intentional that the enemies continue spawning until the boss is dead.
Whether the spawn rate is too much is another matter. But its obviously meant to be challenging.

It is meant to be challenging, but Funcom has acknowledged this as a known bug.

You mean the infinite respawn or the spawn rate?

The infinite respawns are a known bug.

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and what about not try go in the strongest point ? that a raid not a npc camp or a dungeon, and the spawn can stop , explore the mechanism, observe tje citadel, find the weak point.

Infinite respawns are by design, I would require you to show sources to prove to me otherwise. Keep in mind that official servers house thousands of players and there is only one location to siege. Imagine how bad it would be, if you got there and other players had already used up all the ‘spawns’ and there was nothing for you to do but wait until server restart.

I was under the impression the OP was complaining about the spawn rate (based on the tittle saying “spawn rate”) being faster than he would prefer.

there is way to stop the spawn, i already posted a video showing it, seem a lot of players are very lazzy and don’t want to play a game to explore how it work by themself (and so to play a game), so well what to say, i m’ sure their favorite youtuber will post in few days how to do, but i agree with you in your remark except that yes it’s possible to stop part of the spawn before the end boss :slight_smile:

I kind of noticed the same thing when testing Mitra avatar on the fortress. When I started, it was a day time and I just tried to cause as much trouble as I could. After the night came, I continued what I was doing, and at some point, the light in the castle started to go out. After the avatar effect went off, I just walked through the whole castle without much resistance. (Left one camps light on). The hardest thing in the whole process at that time was breaking down the doors. (Fount the battering ram after looting the castle).

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