Enemies at Al Merayah have a <1 Minute respawn time

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: Singleplayer
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

Enemies inside the outermost perimeter wall at the Al Merayah have a less than one (1) minute respawn timer. At least on my Singleplayer game. This is absurd, I do not even get to start attempting to breach the second gate of wall. I kill the first half of the enemies, then before I have finished killing all of the second half of them, the first half has already respawned. I am fighting the same horde of enemies on an endless cycle. The respawn timer needs to be adjusted, at least for Singleplayer mode.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. travel to Al-Merayah fortress.
  2. kill the enemies stationed outside of the outermost perimeter wall.
  3. proceed to either breach or climb over the aforementioned wall.
  4. commence killing the next wave of enemies.
  5. notice you get caught in an almost enless cycles as the enemies have a less than 60 second respawn timer.
  6. report it and hope it will be adjusted.

My very first attempt my friend @Croms_Faithful went really bad, but really bad. I hoped that they made a pve challenge, so i build my self pve, i said what the heck let me take a couple warriors with me (war party), a horse with explosive arrows and let’s break in the fortress with valor.
I lost 2 lvl 20 thralls this day, fully epic and legendary geared. My horse barely made it.
The lesson? Do it as a pvp player, with cunning, forget valor.
So i support this topic 100%, it’s not a bug, it’s pvp in this game with zero valor! They ask you to use windows not doors. Pity :confused:.


this might be the issue :slight_smile:

This is not something I can verify atm, but I thought I heard rumors that this is intentional and the enemies keep respawning until the respective gates are actually destroyed.
Might look into it though when I have some time :man_shrugging: but even off the bat I would doubt this is accidental and just reading about it seems like it’s an intended gameplay mechanic… you know… “soldiers from inside rushing to defend the gate at all costs” type of stuff…


I have been using the outer guards like the encounter with wights in the Mounds.

Hang around one area, kill everything as it spawns, level up my thralls. The bonus is the choice loot the Stygians drop.

Also, hop the wall, climb to the rear, break open the wall above the loudmouth, and kill him.


Thanks brother :blush:. But i know pvp pretty well :wink:.
You have a ton of ways to do it with pvp ways, but none has valor, none.
I believe that @Croms_Faithful is correct, we need better respawn timers, so we can enter correctly and have the time to enjoy the fortress. I don’t need pvp lessons when i play pve, i can always join a pvp server and learn :woman_shrugging:t4:.


The meager reward of 10,000+ gold coins is not enough for me to waste my time in a frontal assault. In fact, I was using the event just to instant level thralls, and those I would have stopped in a safe place while I did my business. I didn’t even drop down and collect any coins most of the time.


I have tried it with the npc respawn timer set to the slowest possible and it does not even seem to do anything at all, they just keep on coming and it becomes overwhelming as a solo player with 2 top tier thralls once you breach the first door.

Of course that’s when attempting a frontal assault with rams and stuff, no climbing and rushing for the boss - I know there are “ways” to do it but they don’t exactly look intended/fun. (I don’t like stealth and ranged weapons)

Maybe if I could get one thrall to use siege weapons while me and the other one defend him that could work, I don’t mind fighting groups of mobs in melee for a while, but thralls are too stupid for that. But afaik that’s not possible in CE.


You can’t do a full on assault. I took out both gates from the front with arrows and the enemies never stopped respawning. I must have killed 300 at least. I always go in the back and climb the walls in stealth. Head on is a waste of resources and thralls. It really isn’t an enjoyable addition especially given how much the combat system sucks now. But hey, you can still buy glitched over priced crap on the bazaar. Who wants a $3 stack of towels? Or the Nemedian Archives that still don’t work that they have relisted four times?


Thanks stelagel, I really appreciate your solidaritiy and support here.

This has been my experience also. Took two thralls with me on the second attempt, both level 20 and equipped with high end gear. And they both died in the area I speak of; the area just inside the outermost perimeter fence. It is a question of simple math: two thralls with so so AI are not going to be able to compete against some 8-10 enemy mobs at any given time, and there is zero gap in between enemy respawns to allow them to regenerate lost health. This is further hampered by the current combat system. They just get stun-locked to death and spend 70% of their time standing there looking stupified. I am not being deliberately unkind, this is just the situation as it has been observed.

So of course from that time forth I have just made attempts to run it alone: Vitality maxed out, buffs, legendary weapons and armor. But it makes no difference when you are mid way through killing one group of enemies and groups we previously killed respawns (right before our eyes!). We just get caught in an endless combat loop.

Agree my dear friend. It would be nice to be able to approach the fortress and have a logical progression like a dungeon if we wish to. If it is not possible for Singleplayers and Solo players to win alone, or even with two decked out thralls without cheesing/exploiting the mechanics, then to me that says we need adjustment. Al Merayah should not be ‘clans only’ content, and Singleplayers and Online Solo players should NOT be excluded from content. If they want to keep the endless respawns then fine. But for heavens sake please, PLEASE extend the respawn time.


I’m glad I read this topic BEFORE I tried a frontal assault! :smile:

I don’t think this content makes much sense. A couple of dudes trying to take down a fortress?
Likely this was made for clans. 10 players + >10 thralls. There are games with events you can only do in a group. Maybe this is the first on Conan.

I guess I’ll try my chances alone and bomb the crap out of it…
I’m wondering if using purple orbs and putting npcs to sleep instead of killing them would prevent the fast respawns…

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I sort of managed a frontal assault with war party (and rams and my horse who does take some aggro and can’t die with 20k hp) in the end. But it was very tight for the thralls. I basically broke front gate with my thralls killing the NPCs (very easy), ran away to heal up and regroup and check the hp of my ram (I had spares on my mount).

Then back in and same thing for second gate, praying thralls don’t get suck on stairs or something. Pretty easy still but took a few breaks from ramming to help thralls and they did take a bunch of damage, they could easily die there depending on a lot of factors.

So out of the fortress to heal back to full, check the rams (or use the one from inside fortress), then back in.

The third gate (which seems to stop the instant respawn) was the hardest, I basically hit the door once or none at all (depending on the status of my thralls and how many mobs were focusing me), and then ran out of the fortress to heal up the thralls, again praying they don’t get stuck somewhere. Took a while to get it down, repeating the process, but easy sailing after that since I could help the thralls again and mob numbers went down very quickly.

Didn’t do it first try without thralls dying for sure. Wanted to record but forgot.

I’m aware there are many other (easier) ways to do this but I really wanted to do it without climbing and without keeping the thralls away.

*Thralls were Dalinsia with 2k armour (champion set) + momentum and Lianelle with a 2h sword (80 damage, forgot the name) and over 1500 armour. They were lvl 15 I think with around 3k hp each. I forgot to stop them so they got to 20 after killing the boss obviously (so much for “fixing” that FC).

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I’m taking notes @biglouis :smile:
The sneaky route doesn’t appeal to me either. I’ll try it after successfully doing it through the front gate.

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It’s not much fun because the real challenge there is the bad thrall AI and pathing. They can kill the mobs so fast but with so many of them coming it’s easy to have them cornered/stuck/knocked down or whatever. The 2h hammer NPCs are the most scary part IMO (they also take half my hp off with 1 hit since I don’t play with heavy armour but that’s my problem, I can dodge), high damage (must be the armour pen) and knockdown fiesta.

And this was on my private server with 0 lags of course, so I don’t expect that to work for everyone at all.

I can see some potential for this to be decent and challenging pve content but I don’t trust FC to make the right moves. Would be cool if modders could revamp the whole thing but I don’t know if that is open to them.


I won’t take thralls, @biglouis .
I have to solo the thing.
But I want to go in sort of not knowing what to expect. Otherwise it will spoil my fun. :smile:


I think there is at least one youtube vid of a guy doing it solo, basically hit and run tactic to slowly break the gates, max stamina agility build. (I was playing str/vita/auth with a bit of extra stamina from my armour, just personal preference, not meant to be optimal).

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A video I DON’T wish to see.
If I see how it’s done, then it would ruin all the experience. It would be just following steps.
Besides, it would prevent me from being creative. The worst thing that can happen is dying. Which means nothing in this scenario. I’ll just summon my corpse, get my gear back and go at it again. :smile:

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Oh no. I must use a trebuchet. Gotta try that baby. That’s how the gates will come down. At least that’s the plan… :smile:
All sorts of things will go wrong at first, but I’ll find a way. I was thinking about using gas, but if they fast respawn, I’ll try purple orbs and kill what doesn’t fall asleep myself.

I initially tried to follow a “stealth” video (thralls and horses parked next to my bedroll outside the fortress) with the climbing and all, but had no idea what I was watching so when I went inside the fort I got completely lost and died several times trying to find my way to the boss (who even killed me when I got there). Broke the wrong walls and gates, wasting rams and urns. Took forever, good thing the mobs drop endless healing items and “feast” food.

I hate video guides personally, I need text with maybe a couple of pictures.

And btw the climbing in question looks 100% not intended, most places have spikes to prevent climbing (they even do damage) but FC forgot some corners and ledges (and the jumping skills of players).

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Anyway, I am still a couple of days away from doing all that. But the antecipation is enjoyable. That’s what I like about new content. Imagining how it will be. I just hope I don’t end disappointed. But if @stelagel found a frontal assault hard, fun is guaranteed. I just won’t take thralls. You guys made me realize soloing it might be my best route. That would be the loss I wouldn’t like. Other than that, it’s all mats. I might take a thrall, order it to stop before aggro range and benefit from killing the boss, insta leveling it, though. :smile:

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That’s the fun part. That’s exactly the reason why I won’t check any guide.
Not knowing what will happen and having to sort things out on the fly is what gives me most satisfaction.
That’s what we will remember. The blunders. We repeat successes over and over again once we learn how to do things in this game.
Finding out the process is the funniest part. :blush: