Combat mechanics are broken af

Cant stop incoming attacks. Can be interrupted while attacking. Combat sucks yall. Its the major focus of the game. You need to be able to kill things to harvest them.

Look at the amount of xbugs reported. Cant you guys figure out how to do better yet? 4 years of bandaid level fixes have gotten us here.

Btw, happy anniversary! 4 years of disappointment for your players. Congratulations! I cannot see making it to 5 years on xbox. Gl tho. I feel like fc needs it, alot of it.

You will receive no love here unfortunately

Combat lag has ruined CE npcs apply staggers and knockbacks, etc.

The player and player thralls suffer so much lag, they cannot interrupt incoming attacks, while being interrupted constantly.

Almost every confrontation ends with player running away, angry over game performance.

You have ruined your own game. Look at the amount of xbox bugs. Probably best to just let it go. Just stop. Give up. Go do something else.

Not looking for love. Just want ce to be playable again…probably have better luck looking for love…

…Or at least take the decay timer off your dead body loot…

…I’ve lost so much in the ‘fractured citadel’…because the 'loot wouldn’t load in time for me to dodge the fire breathing bugeyed dragon…so much…lost …this has hurled me to the slough of despondency…please, I beg the decay be gone from that place.