Combat Music not ending : I found why in the game but not where in the UE editor


I made (and use locally) a mod that greatly reduce the aggro and could see something I couldn’t before. Here is the procedure to reproduce the bug :

  • set AIDataTable Disengagement distance to a value that let’s you loose aggro without killing the NPC . (I’ve set 3000 for “normal” NPCs in my mod)
  • – Test 1 –
  • go anywhere you want to find NPCs
  • take aggro, combat music is triggered
  • loose aggro, combat music will only stop when the NPC is back to its original position
  • – Test 2 –
  • now go at the second pillar of the broken bridge : there are 3 kind of NPCs close to each other there : “turtle”, “demons” and 3 human (1 patrolling and 2 at the fire camp)
  • take aggro on “turtles” “demons” or “humans”, it’s not important -> combat music starts
  • run into other NPCs to make them fight each other -> combat music continues
  • run/fly far away -> combat music will never stop as NPC will never return to their position.
  • you can come back after some time and wait to kill the remaining survivor and stop combat music if you want. That’s what I do on normal (and did on testlive) local.

I couldn’t find the triggers in UE Editor (“visual programming” is so far from the few x86 assembler and TurboPascal I learnt at school several years ago :smile:)


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Sounds right. Matches my findings so far, even though I hadn’t done any extensive testing. All I had was a running theory that leaving NPCs fighting each other would somehow leave the combat music playing forever. This was most noticeable on my recruitment drives for named Exile thralls along the Noob River, where there are plenty of Exiles, Shalebacks and Imps having a three-way carousel. As I couldn’t bother killing all of them and often just ran past them, someone would nevertheless look at me in a hostile way, get the combat music playing, and it would never stop.


If it’s not enough
– Test 3 –
Just pass by the camp at -43339 ; 224852 (East of the broken bridge upper part of the great river at the confluence with the river coming from Lost city, crocodiles fight humans) and run away.

Hey there,

A PC TestLive Hotfix adressing several most requested issues, including some of the endless combat music, was pushed out this morning:

You’re welcome to test the issues listed in the patch notes and use the thread to let the developers know if the hotfix fixes the issues. Meanwhile, please be patient as they try to address the ongoing issues with servers and Funcom Live Services. More fixes will come to Live and TestLive in due time.

Note, keep an eye on the forums for patch notes. They are :pushpin: pinned on the forums.