Combat TesLive server needs restart, badly!

Combat_TestLive__US2_PvE_Conflict does not show a restart in Event Log since 06/15/19 @13:16:46. It has gotten unplayable. NPC and Wildlife mobs are blinking in and out. Attacking you while floating in the air. Attacking you while invisible. Pets show graphics in one spot but, are actually somewhere else invisible. Major frame/screen pop-in’s.

Wanted to check out the upcoming content.


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I know official servers are restarted once every 24 hours.

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Yep … daily. (restart … not reset and wipe)

I logged in and tried to play but, yes … the mobs blink in and out and attack you while invisible. I would have gotten a screen shot … but … the mob is INVISIBLE so it is hard to get a screen shot of an INVISIBLE mob attacking me lol. (just looks like I am standing there alone with my weapon drawn). A video maybe …. hmmm

Maybe the server admins will log in and see for themselves.

Anyway, no biggie.


Thanx for the restart.

Things appear to be working fine now.

A server is mostly restarter daily. My own servers twice day.
But testlive is a different purpose, and goal.
I know they test also the server performance over time. Sure, still hard for the players hit by lag, and unplayable servers.

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