Combat with bows, and movement speed rework

Greetings and salutation exiles come to the conclusion that there are some issues or slight polishing that needs to take place on the bow and movement speed. I’ve been playing some other titles recently, and I realized that the bow mechanics were far more enjoyable. And the overall gameplay experience was more polished. So I dug back into Exile and try to figure out exactly what it was that was hindering the experience and overall gameplay and I isolated it down to a couple of things.

The side step movement speed is too slow. And because you lose the ability to hit shift and do a quick Dash like you do with the melee weapons. Because the shift now becomes a snapshot

Also, I believe agility no longer affects movement speed with combat. The stat might be broken. I think it only affects armor value now

The second aspect that needs a little bit refinement is the plume while moving. It probably needs to be reduced by about 15 to 20%

And Firearms world to call this minute of angle. A good minute of angle is 1 inch for a firearm at hundred meters

In Conan the plume “MoA” while movies is like 12 ft. I got a giggle out of it at one point because I was hitting the house next to the Target.

Although I realize that there are other issues that probably keep the developers from wanting to increase sidestepping and movement speed. But it would greatly increase the overall gameplay experience. Making the bow more rewarding in general. Fixing the agility to wear it properly increases movement speed while strafing

Here’s a video of my testing and problem-solving the game strafing and bow systems

In closing I hope this helps and broaden perspective improve the overall gameplay experience. What in return improve population density.

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