Bows and armour suggestions and more

I have been playing as an archer recently and it is feeling pretty good but there are a couple QOL changes that could make it feel even better.

Firstly it would be so much better if we could do powershots without zooming by holding down light attack and firing on release. This would make closer range combat a lot easier as the zoom makes it too hard to aim and it loses target lock when zooming which reduces us to using the quick shots which are weak.

Secondly, it is real easy to get almost stunlocked with a bow and dodging backwards burns stamina way too fast when trying to keep things off you. It would be really nice if bows got the backflip that daggers have to help with mobility. The kick/block button seems to just fire a quick shot so its not being used anyway.

Lastly is about armour sets. So far it seems if you want accuracy armour thats light or even medium you can only have heat resist gear available, or you need to go up to heavy to get an accuracy set with cold resist which greatly hampers mobility.

It would be nice if we could get armour modification kits that can be used instead of weight reduction etc that convert a heat resist set into cold resist or vice versa to give us more options for armour. Its not too big a thing to be able to have a kit that adds fur lining to a heat resist set to convert it into cold resist for eg.

Also it would be cool if we could break merchant thralls and place them in our base to sell our collected resources and items to other players kind of like the vendor system in ultima online.

The game would be more interesting if there was some kind of economy in it either from player run or npc vendors giving us the option to buy stuff with ingame currency if we dont want to farm it.


Yes I agree with the lack of mobility when holding a bow, he kind of strafe when he tried get out of the way.

My biggest pet peeve of the game really.

We have
Pict Wizard (Heat, Light)
Shemite (Heat, Light)
Stygian Raider (Medium, Heat)
Hyrkanian Raider (Heavy, Cold)
Lemurian (Medium, Cold) but the mixed stats really effect the users build)

Mobility is a huge factor. I tend to wear Stygian Raider or have to wear Lemurian for cold.

Hyrkanian hampers mobility way to much. And carrying arrows is almost impossible with it’s sheer weight.

Mixing and matching is not much possible either as the sets dont really work that well together.

We need a set of medium armor with cold resist.

Or we need the bow to allow for the back flip daggers have.

Also. If cripple actually did what cripple was supposed to do life would be easier.

I can stack cripple like a ■■■■ and I notice 0 impact on NPC or PVE monsters.


This, please, please, please, I need it…I don’t use bow too much because usualy I get cornered and without stamina (even with low weight it consumes a lot) but this will open to me a new frontier and will make me try ranged combat

I love this one, I want to wear my hyena armor in the desert without smelting myself in the process xD
I don’t know how the Dog faction can stand the heat…

Yeah. I think this is probably a bug.
Cripple only seems to affect the various breeds of dogs. I’ve seen hyenas and wolves limping around after I stack a few cripple effects, but everything else just shrugs it off and continues to move and attack normally.

This would be really cool. Especially for role players who don’t have access to mods.

As for the armor suggestions, I proposed something similar recently. I let the thread die because it went off topic pretty quickly. It’s something people have been asking for since long before I started playing, and it appears funcom are set on keeping things the way they are. I think a lot of players have given up on this ever changing.

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