Bow Movement Accuracy In 3.0

One thing I noticed while making builds and trying to use the bow more now that its tied with Agility is that it seems Agility does not give the bow the better accuracy while moving and shooting like the Accuracy Attribute does in the live game.

I did a quick comparison by shooting at a distant wall while strafing both on live and on the 3.0 Testlive patch, and you can tell in both the aiming reticle and the projectile spread variation that in the current live build, the more points you have in the Accuracy attribute reduces the randomness that an arrow won’t go where you aim which is also reflected in the aiming reticle side dashes still being present when you have more accuracy.

Normally with no Accuracy attribute the side dashes will be completely gone when moving but the more Accuracy attribute you have they start coming back in, and at 50 Accuracy attribute they are almost at the same spread as when you’re standing still. Whereas on Testlive the amount of points you have in Agility does not seem to affect the randomness of the spread or reduce how often the arrows don’t fly to where you aim at all and this is also reflected in the fact that the aiming reticle side dashes always disappear completely regardless of the amount of points you have in Agility.

The bow already has limited use in Conan and has never been all that great for combat, but it can be useful in a lot of situations. I don’t know if this was an oversight or intentional but I feel like with the new changes Agility should have the same effect on the bow’s accuracy as the current live build does with the Accuracy Attribute. A bow build is now more viable because of the perks and how much better attributes are in general, plus since Bow scales with Agility you have melee options as well which will still be effective which is not the case at all on live if you try to go all Accuracy.


Valid concerns, I hope this gets a devs attention to clarify.

Bow is the most powerful weapon in the right hand =)
In 3.0 you won’t need skillplay. arrows flies faster and you can use target lock for heavy attacks.
Conan 3.0 = Conan Battlefield

Ah, I don’t PvP at all anymore really so I was mostly speaking from a PvE perspective on bow’s effectiveness. Compared to melee its really not as good in most scenarios. That’s cool that it does well in PvP though, but my main point still stands, the accuracy penalty will probably make it worse in all situations now.

As you can see in your video because you have high accuracy your shots don’t go wild a lot. In 3.0 currently you don’t have any accuracy increase from putting points into agility like you do on live with Accuracy, so in your video you probably would have missed half of those shots because you were strafing while shooting. Even with the faster flying arrows you still get the wild shots that go nowhere near where you aim.

bow for pve is bad because of the cost.
too many arrows to kill one mob.

but you are right about the “accuracy” from accuracy.

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