Combat write-up (mostly pvp) from long time pvp-er

First of all, the new combat is a massive improvement and you guys are doing a great job with the game.

Having said that, there are things that need improved.

Right now, there is a very clear build path for a top tier pvp character. Heavy armor (specifically Silent Legion) and a legendary spear, or heavy armor and a Legendary battle-axe with a shield. The spear and battle-axe simply have the best move-sets, but the spear also has the advantage of reach. Strength, Grit, and Vitality are the most important stats for combat, and you’ll need the first perk from encumbrance for the heavy-armor build.

This creates a meta where all of the best players are very cookie-cutter, look exactly the same, use the same gear, and employ the same tactics. Of course, this can become very stale, and theory-crafting is non-existent.

One of the biggest influences for this situation is the fact that you have to commit to an exchange where you will certainly take damage, in order to deal damage. Sure, you can easily avoid damage if you want to, but you aren’t able to actually deal damage while avoiding damage. Characters stop in order to attack, simply walking will avoid attacks, and dodging avoids attacks indefinitely. Because of this, you have to catch someone while they’re attacking, which means that you’ll have to get hit with their attacks as well.

Of course, there is still room for tactical gameplay, but the best players are simply using the best gear, accepting the fact that they’ll have to exchange hits, and sprinkling a bit of tactic into the gameplay, in order to win the fight.

We need to be able to avoid being hit, while effectively countering with our own attacks. This means that dodges (ideally) wouldn’t put you so far outside of the enemy’s range, that you can’t hit them back. This also means that you need to be able to attack instantly after a dodge (or other action, like switching weapons). As of right now, when you dodge the attack of another player, all that has happened is putting a halt to the fight. No one took any damage, and nothing really happened. This creates the situation where you must commit to simply trading with the other player, so you’re essentially involved in a stat-war, where tactics have far less of an impact than the gear you’re using.

Right now, you have to completely stop moving in order to attack. This is one of the reasons all fights consist of trading damage, rather than a purely tactical engagement. Sure, you can still be tactical, but more than anything, combat is a stat-war, with a small amount of tactics sprinkled into the mix.

Bows are utterly useless in pvp. Obviously this needs fixed, very badly. I imagine you don’t want them to be over-powered, because right now you have to stop moving in order to attack someone, so if an archer wants to avoid damage indefinitely, they can, but the way to fix that problem isn’t to just ruin archers, it’s to fix the fact that you’re basically stunning yourself every time you swing a weapon.

Healing is a massive problem. Watch any fight between two experienced duelists. It will consist of them waiting to see if the other over-extends, a little bit of dodging and playing safe, followed by both of them simply attacking each other simultaneously, then disengaging and healing. This is because it’s nearly impossible to hit someone while they’re moving away from you (even just walking), so the optimal way to play is to simply disengage when you’re low on health, and heal back to full HP, before going in again.

Damaging and stunning your clan-mates makes large scale battles chaotic. Especially since everyone has massive hit boxes and huge aoe attacks, and you can basically mindlessly swing your weapon and hit someone standing nearly behind you. It’s impossible to avoid hitting your friends during raids or other large-scale battles.


Make it so that the amount that you’re slowed while attacking, scales with the total weight of your gear. That way, the trade-off for being able to mindlessly swing your weapon while absorbing damage, is not being able to chase someone down and kill them, unless they’re also in heavy armor. But a person in light armor can move much faster, while simultaneously attacking without having to stop moving.

This single, simple change, will diversify the meta massively, and keep the combat super interesting. It will also allow people to build something different than the same exact armor as everyone else on the server. With this single improvement, you will see assassins using double daggers and running around in light armor, people using one-handed swords and medium armor, etc…

Other stats (outside of strength, vitality, and grit) need to offer an advantage. This will help to diversify the meta, encourage creativity, and allow theory-crafting. Agility needs to affect your movement speed (while wearing armor) far more dramatically. I’d write something about accuracy, but I suspect that it works fine, and the problem with it is simply the fact that bows are very, very bad right now.

Hit boxes and attack areas need to be tightened up dramatically. This way it offers an advantage to get behind someone, to the side of them, or just make them miss in general. Right now, everyone can just button-mash the attack button, and know that the other player can not actually counter them. With a smaller hit box and small, precise attacks (rather than giant aoe attacks) you would be able to punish players after side-stepping and ending up behind them, as they mindlessly swing for the fences, with no regard for consequences.

Thanks for making a great game guys, and I look forward to seeing future improvements!


Agreed with everything! Well written, hope they read this and consider.


Agreed to all.

Healing, despite the nerf, is way too relied-upon due to it being op. Even with bleed effects all a person has to do is run and heal since you can’t hit anyone while they are running. Heal would be fine where it is now if you could pursue enemies, but as it stands you simply cannot hit someone if they move in even the most basic way.

Using daggers is so counter-intuitive because you trade range for bleed, and gain nothing in the way of maneuverability. Why choose lighter weapons if you can’t even move fast enough to hit them while they run? Bare minimum, daggers should allow you to attack while moving. That would even things out tremendously as you couldn’t simply run away, heal, then come back.

PVP right now is a matter of who runs out of healing first. I commend Funcom for their attempts to alleviate this and do think those attempts helped greatly. However, the major issue now is a lack of maneuverability, and lack of ability to attack while someone runs. Even someone in full heavy armor can easily outrun someone in light, meaning it’s literally worthless to roll anything other than silent legion.

By the way, locking onto your clan mates during raids is so incredibly frustrating. I’m sure it’s been stated before, but Funcom please fix it!

The game has made such incredible strides in one short year. Great job developers, and thank you for delivering such a fun, immersive, amazing game! Minor gripes here from a fan.

Seriously I can’t emphasize my delight for this game enough. You’re doing amazing, and as developers I highly respect you and your efforts. I hope these rants aren’t perceived as degrading to the devs, I think they’ve proven themselves (as well as the rest of the team) time and time again. I love this game, love the concept, love the direction its headed in, etc.


I agree Onemode, with everything you said actually. The game really is good, and surprisingly better than it was last year. I’m sure they’ll continue to improve, based on their past performance.

Ok just thought you were going to say something other than what we all know th for nothing

Perhaps some other benefits to using a bow with high agility would be an improved kick, likely unlocked through agility? (I’m thinking something like a rooted Leonidas kick… Something for booting incoming enemies off of the top of the wall or cliff that you’re shooting them from, with enough push-back to ensure they can’t just easily grab back on said wall to avoid fall damage… (Or you know generally encouraging archers to seek the high ground and use the terrain to their advantage whenever possible…)

I guess my idea is that Archers would work great as a defensive build for protecting the walls and such… (Another idea to help archers is make the arrow mats easier to get, at least for the basic arrow types so we aren’t having to use snake or bone arrows all the time, I’d like to see some chickens or other small ground fowl like ducks and geese added to the game so we don’t have to hunt hostile bird creatures to find some feathers.)

Maybe Agility could also affect attack speed for everyone… (Higher agility means your attacks are faster, which would benefit both melee and archery… ) Something like light attacks become faster, where stegth makes your heavy attacks hit harder… What do you think?


Bumping for visibility, and by far some of the most needed changes for the core combat of the game.

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The big issue i have right now is the intensive hit stuttering when you get hit by anything!

okay, i can explain what i mean by that. When you fight you get knocked back every time you get hit, that is combat stuttering. I do not believe you should get knocked back by every small attack that hit’s you, not when you are in heavy and medium armor at least…

Light attacks should not be able to knock you back and do only do small amounts of damage. They are a way of doing easy damage but should also have a small parry chance.

Heavy attacks should do combat stuttering/knock back but only with a low % chance on first hit, 40% on second combo hit and 60% chance if you get hit by the third and forth hit.

The excessive combat stuttering/knock back we have right now makes pvp and pve a pain right now and i believe this must be fixed!