Coming back for nostalgia - any build tips?

Hi all, It’s been a while (2 years+ maybe), but I’m going to run through the game from scratch for the plotline again. I’ve noticed that there was a huge patch for re-balancing last year. Anyone able to give me advice as to what weapons are “in” right now? I’m looking at solo survival play. Thanks!

Some weapons were revised more than others, e.g. Chaos got a lot of revision.

I think a main point of the rebalance was to remove the “sustain tank” builds, which basically cut out the need for a healer role.

I can’t point to any revised build guides, other than to maybe look at the old guide locations and see if they have been revised since the rebalance.

For solo survival play - if you’re just looking to run the story again, I suspect the old guides are still pretty good. The rebalance only makes a difference when you’re looking at filling a role in a party, or if you’re trying to run e.g. a dungeon on elite mode solo.

Admittedly, I’m not one who’s really up on theorycrafting this stuff. I’m into solo as well, but I’m currently struggling to play up to my potential on Occult Defense scenario.

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For solo story content, this is probably still pretty good.

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