Communication, please

Could we get something? Anything, from the dev’s? All I see on this forum is people asking for help and ZERO response. Aside from the occasional, “I’ll close this thread because it’s not helpful” from the mods who probably have no idea WTF is going on. (15 years in CS and some on forum’s I know how it goes) Silence is not golden in this particular instance. It’s annoying. I paid for this game. Give me the courtesy of telling me WTF is going on. Releasing new stuff is not the answer it’s fixing what is wrong. Please. Please, please, please. I soo want this game to work. Your lack of communication is starting to send me elsewhere when I would rather be here.


It’s Sunday 4AM. C’mon man. Go to bed.

7 pm here night is still early. No need for sleep.

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I like this, I’d like more info from devs. Especially on optimization for older systems, since it seems the game worked better before.

It’s the weekend.

Also, their activity is there if you ware willing to open your eyes. Here you go, a link to all the latest dev comments.

There was also a dev stream yesterday talking about the changes and showing what’s to come. Link here

Or how about patch notes for test live?

And on Wednesday they talked about it in their newsletter.

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Multigun firing off the multiple links pew pew pew lol.

I think some of the frustration and confusion is generated as a natural consequence of this ‘eternal-early-access’ model of modern game development where the internet allows devs to continuously tinker with their games.

As Multi says, the CE devs do communicate plenty, it’s just not always clear what’s going on behind the curtain. Why does this bug still exist? Why did they choose to do x and not y? etc.

It seems OP is concerned about the current general bugginess and why we’re getting pets and so on while this is the case. In my experience devs pretty much never directly talk about stuff like this publicly - is it a lack of funds, a naturally complicated game/code, a management level problem? etc etc. We can only speculate about their internal workings, plans and so on.

I do sympathise with OP though, bugs can be very frustrating. Just look at the recent reviews on Steam. I’m sure the devs realise it’s hurting their game and are trying to rectify it. I just hope they know what they’re doing and things are ok internally.


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