Companion gets from me dm and I from him

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

good day everybody
I have a problem with my companion. When I’m in combat he gets hurt and me from my companion, that was not the case before. Who is it?
I do not play pvp have a solo game run EU with 5 mods installed.
Have also disabled the mods all times and in server settings (fight) damage of players / companions so far down to 0.1, unfortunately, it is not deeper to deliver. there was something else my companion wants in a large circle kill all npc’s
and almost always runs backwards.
Unfortunately, my companion gets a lot of damage from me and I believe that this can be a bug.
translated by google translated

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.companion gets from me dm and I from him

For the sake of Google translator, I will write in short points.

1, Companion? Real person friend or a Thrall following you?
2, Sounds like you still have PvP enabled somewhere
3, Have you tried the Auto Lock on target?
4, Are you in a Clan together? (If they are a real person)

Ok mean Thrall that follows me
PvP is not activated
When i make a AE-dm , my thrall gets dm too.
I play solo , i am not in a clan .
and I have not rented servers
but thanks for the feedback

Thralls are bugged right now and are fairly useless, I suggest you don’t use them to follow you until its fixed.
They are good to cause a distraction and to take some of the damage for you, that’s all.
Maybe try creating a clan anyway it might help, might be a bug for you.
Good luck