Killing my one folowers in combat!

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its seams that i now do harm and killed my one folower. Dont know if its only in pvptime or not.

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have never hapend b4 on a pve-c server.

And when we cant controle oure folowers, spec in combat they run in oure blases and die so yes its a bugg …

Normally you can’t damage your thralls in PVE.

But I’ve seen it happen on occasion as well.
Haven’t been able to see what makes it possible or reproduce it.

So yeah, it’s a bug.



Thank you for your report.

Can you please share a screenshot of the event log by the time the incident happened?

Wait a moment. Since I play on PVE-C I have always been able to harm my followers during PVP time as long as they are in “following” mode.

(How else am I supposed to get them to eat their god dammich buff food? :laughing:)

That’s probably not a bug.
At what time of the day did you kill your thrall? Was it between 18:00 and 23:00?

Well i have played sins early acced and have never bean able to hurt my folowers before even in pvp time!

No the first time i that the enemy mob did the harm and the 2hd time i did not take any shot.


If it was recent you might still be able to see it in the event log extending the filters to the maximum. Please check it in-game and share a screenshot if you can find it.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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I noticed this in the TestLive too. I didn’t say anything about it as I thought maybe it was an intended change or that the friendly fire got turned on somehow. But yeah, swinging my sword around damaged my followers - sometimes. (“sometimes” - dirtiest word in a debugger’s vocabulary!) :slight_smile:

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You can damage your own thralls on follow during PVP time on PVE - C servers.


that doesn’t make sense

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Thats a new bad change in the game!

It is a good change!
You could attack your followers some time ago, but sadly (for me) it went away.
It teaches (probably) the people to be more precise in combat not just click left and right in the hope of hitting the opponent.
But seriously: I like that you can hurt your fellas for multiple reasons: first, it makes you a bit better fighter.
Second: if they play stupid, you can visibly punish them! :laughing:


No its a total bad thing in all poseble wayes! I cant se any good whit it!

Maybe belong on a pvp server but makes no sense on a pve(-c) server!

Maybe if the AI take that in count and not run in to the svings, spec when the combat system have the AOE on most weppons whit combos that is hard to cansle.

The change makes no sense what so ever!

Keep that bad change on pvp servers and only ther!!!

Its a bug not intended, I think…

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therefore combat would have to be precise, which it isn’t especially with lagging on official servers with more than 12 people online.
Furthermore it encourages you to let your stacked thrall do the work alone in pve.
The missing option of creating cross clan groups during pvp is the one feature I am missing since I started this game

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You have always been able to damage your own followers during PVP hours on PVE-C servers, it’s not a recent change or update, the game has functioned like this for as long as I can remember.

The thing that has changed recently, (in the last 12 months or so), is that now other players can damage your followers during PVP hours on a PVE-C server.

You can kill other players followers for a long time, if they are on follow or scouting, but are you saying that also happens when they are on guarding? That would open the door to a lot of griefing

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